Christian Dilemmas – The Secret History of the Bible – HD Movie


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  1. I believe in God! The Father Almighty!
    Creator of Heaven and Earth. Won't listen any futher the this crap.
    Lord have mecy on us and on the whole world.

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  3. The part about Mithraism is a straight lie, btw. Most of those attributes of Mithras appeared AFTER the Bible canon was formed.

  4. Thankfully this document is so uninteresting so the ads every few minutes don’t distract… 🤨

  5. We look for saviours, sometimes we find them before fruition ensues and word spread this
    his day

  6. Jesus didnt come to destroy but to fulfill. That means he didnt do away with the commandments. Thats y he said not to break the least of the commandments. He then goes on to say its written thou shalt not kill. But I say to u whoever is angry without a cause shall be in danger. The least of killing is anger. Then he said its written dont commit adultery. But I say whoever looks at another woman to lust has committed adultery. Least of committing adultery. Just looking to lust with the eyes. Whats least of stealing. Thinking about it. These ppl are what jesus called blind leading the blind. They all fall into a ditch. They dont understand common sense.

  7. They got the Abraham story wrong. Isaac wasnt the first born or the only son. Ishmael was the oldest son of Abraham.

  8. There was a flood but people today refuse to believe the proof of it! Watch the days of Noah series on Amazon prime, it shows you the proof of the flood! Many scientist have proof throughout the world that a flood happened, many cultures have written testimonies of the flood, China being one of them! Scientist refuse to acknowledge the bible being truth. These men are stupid and have their own agenda to push people away from the bible, from Yahuah and Yahusha! Satan has convinced the world he does not exist but he does! There is a difference between killing and murder, self defense is not consider murder, even today! Yahuah had very good reasons why He wanted certain groups killed, some of these people (if you can call them that) were NOT fully human! Have you ever heard of the Dog people?! No, because history believes it to be myths, but there is always a lining of truth to these myths! The pagan gods were real, based off actual people who lived, the 1/2 god, 1/2 human were real, they are called Nephilim's! If you actually did some digging you can find the truth! Something I have already done! These gods taught man all kinds of things, things that Yahuah did NOT want us to know, not to keep us stupid but to keep us innocent, with love in our hearts! Look at the world today… Thanks to these pagan gods we are killing each other, wars, nukes, they were evil! If these pagan gods never messed with humans, showing us evil, do you really think we would be treating each other like we are today?! I don't! Yahuah wanted us to have the love shine bright, to treat each other with love, care not kill each other! People are looking at it wrong, thinking we would still be living in the ice age if these pagan gods didn't mess with men… that's NOT true! Things would be very different today, we would be in a much better place, we would be in paradise as He intended! We would be in a trusting, loving, honest, caring, peaceful world without violence if evil never messed with humans!

    I agree with the way the bible is translated makes it confusing, you should read the older bibles, translators have messed up many times and the Catholic church with their lies have helped! These men in this video is the reason why many people hate Yahuah and believe the bible as a lie! This is what Satan does! This is what evil does! People are to lazy to do any kind of research, so they just believe the BS! I can not wait for the world to see the truth, Yahusha will be appearing to the world, He will destroy the lies, the world will be the way it was meant to be in the beginning! I wanted to understand Yahuah, I believed these lies in this video for years, I wanted truth, if you want truth, you have to research and you will find it! Man is a lair with an agenda of evil, you know this, not everyone but people in a position like these guys are doing the will of Satan, NOT Yahuah! They have been keeping the truth from many for years!

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  10. And these scholars seem to continue to look for a man named "Jesus" Jesus is a title/explanation name.. his name was Yeshoah.. so they're deliberately not trying to find.. even Muslims recognize "Jesus" Yeshoah was here,they like the Jews claim he was only a "Prophet" not Christos/Christi which by the way was Greek name

  11. the bible is anti child anti women, pro slavery and full of contradictions. there is not one eye witness account of jesus from the time he was supposedly alive

  12. Who is to say all christians don't already know. Who is to say that aliens are not part of The Lie. Deception is deep right now just look at all the information they gave about the Covid

  13. Out of date boys , "YOUNGER DRYASS" Event , oceans/sea level rose 400' .this is widely proven to have happened 13000 yrs ago approx. CHEERS 💩🚿

  14. The evil people who rule this world have lied and twisted history just do your best look after each other this planet and respect all animals even the animals u eat however remember evil is real and many storys about evil beings that r not human r also real

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