CIA UFO Documents | CIA's Declassified Documents on UFO Sightings | Mysterious Black Vault PDF Files

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has declassified thousands of documents containing details about mysterious UFO sightings. More than 2,780 pages are available for scrutiny on the Black Vault website. These can be downloaded free of cost. During recent times, the U.S. President had requested the Director of National Intelligence to submit a report on “unidentified aerial phenomena” to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees. Black Vault’s massive archive contains some mind-boggling CIA reports. For example, the mysterious UFO sighting in Morocco or the mysterious object that poured light rays over a city back in 1977. It also contains declassified communications. For example, a document sharing details about how someone destroyed a message presumably received from outer space. The CIA documents contain detailed descriptions of hundreds of unexplained aerial phenomena spanning over a period of several decades. If you are a UFO enthusiast, then you must make it a point to review these documents.

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