City Discovered On Mars With Google Mars Map, UFO Sighting News.

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Google coordinates: 72°19’22.07″N 10°53’18.80″W


30 Comments on “City Discovered On Mars With Google Mars Map, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. 👽🤖👾🛰️⚗️☄️🚀 That's where Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru & Luke Skywalker lived at before the Stormtroopers kill them while Luke was visiting with General Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi!

  2. Beautiful. Wondering how deep these structures goes? Yes… like giant fossils. Also reminds me of skulls… and of swedish carvings(but as reliefs) -or perhaps martian puffballmuschrooms???(foodsuppliesplace?) – feels like products made in the measurements of natural laws but at the same time made by so called extern intelligence… and realizing our human limits… again!!! 😊 . Maybe You can make a book with the most beautiful photos and findings, an UfoSightingsDailybook for schools, librarys, for everyone to read!!? With beautiful photos!!!! Will send You a little money via PayPal next week. Thank You again and again for doing this. It means a lot. M

  3. Your correct about L.A. is definitely a fungus..some look like craft, but most look biological to me??? Great eye as usual Scott..thank u again..👍👍👍👽👽

  4. Wonderful video and great find! The really amazing thing for me is the repetition of the structures. This really seems like a planned subdivision on Earth. having natural structures like that over and over the same size just doesn't make any sense.

  5. Your fungus interpretation might not be far off ffrom reality. What appears as shadows could be stains of some type or spores from fungus. There are so many points of entry or openings in nearly every feature. Look at a mushroom that has been invaded by insects and see how many holes or openings there are. It might be possible this fungus could be both a habitat and food source. These forms on Mars seem to be highly stylized. On earth, fungus grows on living or rotting things. Maybe beneath the surface something is rotting or living like maybe a more massive fungus or something with a wooden consistency or some type of mass that produces nutrients for these things. Stylized forms do appear in nature on earth or they can be done by human activity. Stylization seems to be grouped as if an intentional demarcation was used to distinguish differences between species, idealogies or maybe a type of worker or even as a marker for what parts of a bigger thing lies underneath the Martian soil. Stylization itself does provide for very basic communication for simplicity sake. This is a completely unique setting I had never considered to be in existence on any planet except maybe on earth amongst insects. Thank you again Scott for your amazing abilities in photo interpretation and spotting. If I ever went to explore space, you would be a necessity to me. Great work and you truly are the world's best in this field. Love you, God's blessings on you and will talk at you again later !

  6. SCOTT DUDE…..that is awesome man what a great find . cant wait to go look at this.

  7. Fantastic find. Really wierd looking things but they look totally manufacturered. Thanks.

  8. Those odd shapes look like a fungus. Mars is desert and cold. That's ideal for a fungal overgrowth. No photosynthesis necessary!

  9. There are three circles in the lower left area at 5:37.
    If those are not some type of digital image artifact then they are more impressive than the eroded mineral formations.

  10. The odds of so many right angles and symmetrical shapes in the same location is really unlikely but it is possible. Your findings are very interesting

  11. Looks like the martian structures from movie John Carter. Kinda similar design. Look at the shadows to help see the overall structural shape. That is bizarre! Great find!! Looks like the black areas are probably censored/doctored areas by Nasa cause it probably shows smoking gun evidence. Guaranteed. Not all the black areas but the heavy areas of black

  12. Hey Scott at 9:10 on this video when you start talking about you see eyes and a nose and a mouth if you look at that picture a little more closely it's a little it's a female blonde-haired. It kind of reminds me of that face that you found on the moon in the crater. But Scott zoom in on that part at 9:10 because I see a female blonde Nordic

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