13 Comments on “Classified UFO report to be released to U S Congress (CBC News Segment)”

  1. Thank you. Hoping this is the start, of openess.. only the truth will do. If a nation states they are not investigating unknows craft in their airspace they are either lying or extremely dumb

  2. It seems silly to assume alien life would have to make contact. They're aliens, the whole point of the word means to be very different. They could have their own agenda which communication isn't a part of.

  3. Hadfield's statement doesn't pass the logic test. Imagine studying ants and communicating with them about your findings.

  4. Ex nasa astronaut: they would just sneak around it doesn't pass any sniff test of logic
    UFOs: exist and sneaking around at least since 1940.
    It begins to be funny, but scientist, astronauts and people that should be in the know about this first are turning to be new flat earthers 2.0?

  5. It's obvious these are man made. Anyone familiar with the ufo subject can see these are unmanned teleguided drones. The Pentagon and the CIA have over 70 years on the subject so this whole story is untrue and manipulative.

  6. What intelligent advanced species in their right minds would want contact with humans? They destroy everything they touch. The cons far outweigh the pros in that potential interaction.

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