CLOSE ENCOUNTERS of the Dangerous Kind – UFOs and Aviation Risk

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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS of the Dangerous Kind – UFOs and Aviation Risk
A Debrief Special News Report on a pioneering UFO / UAP aviation risk analysis project. UFO sightings have made the news with emphasis on military aviation as well as commercial aviation pilots reporting close encounters with UFOs that indicate a dangerous risk for all types of aviation vehicles.
The flight risk that is posed to both military and commercial aviation is an unexplored aspect of UFO sightings and close encounters with unidentified flying objects. While the Pentagon UFO Report that was released on June 25th found that only 1 out of 144 UAP cases could be explained, no mention was made of this flight risk. The report covered aspects of each UFO video out of the 3 navy pilot videos that made breaking news when they were originally leaked, but again, there was no mention of a UFO flight risk.
But the dangerous situation remains. And as a result of this aviation risk a special UAP related safety session was conducted on August 6th, held by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). The six-member panel featured three scientists, including one from NASA, a European Space Agency (ESA) Project Director, the Director of Science for the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) and Ryan Graves, a former U.S. Navy pilot.
All of the panelists presented a range of UAP related topics, from the history of scientists who studied UFOs, the possible physics behind craft like the increasingly infamous 2004 USS Nimitz Tic Tac incident, and the increasing number of near misses and dangerous close encounters with UFOs being reported by military and civilian aviation pilots alike.
Cristina Gomez gives a primer on this dangerous flight risk topic which most haven’t considered, for a special UAP news report article written by Christopher Plain of The Debrief which can be found on the website via the link at the top.

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  1. How expensive could it be to put a few small cameras on each major airliner to continuously record forward, aft, high and low to the black box? Seems like it could significantly improved air safety review and monitoring and probably would turn up UAPs on a daily basis.

  2. These UAP's operate at such a higher level of technology I don't think there is a risk of collision unless THEY want to collide. These things can zip to higher dimensions instantly. The UAP's are trolling the hell out of us. I think the UAP's are non organic artificial intelligence life forms.

  3. The fact that they are having such sessions at AIAA conferences alone is kind of mind blowing. Thank you Christina and The Debrief for bringing this new to us! Times are a changing!

  4. Funny how there has NEVER been a crash or collision with an interstellar conveyance. This is just another brain washing channel set up to convince the public that UFO are a threat. Shame.

  5. So gorgeous, before I get my head ripped off I don't mean just physically, I've been following her and absolutely love her interest and enthusiasm in this topic and share the same wonder in trying to figure this out, my cup is empty and I've left my ego at the door, I just want to learn, keep up the good work Cristina

  6. Intersting developement… shall go check the conference out…

    Any chance your editor could equalise the levels between the narrated and theme music parts? nearly blew my eardrums when the music kicked in after turning up to hear the spoken intro.. Thanks.

  7. কি দারুন মাল রে ভাই ঐই সেক্সী মেয়েটা। 😘😘😘😘।

  8. I came here only to see the girl, not to hear about the information 😁😘😘😘.

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