6 Comments on “CNN News Clip on UAP / UFOS”

  1. Perhaps the sniggering might stop now. The roll-out seems to have begun.

  2. I have personally seen two uap’s. There are cave drawings going back millennium depicting all sorts of flying craft. There are also strange flying craft appearing in art work going back hundreds of years. The big reveal is coming, hopefully. Perhaps they could restore some civility to our insane world. ✌️

  3. The Pentagon is not only in the business of hiding the truth, they are in the business of deceiving the citizens for the benefit of the cabal ruling class that subscribe to satanic allegiances. Hence why nothing has been revealed to the public for over 100 years regarding these areal craft. Those that manipulate wars and nation state leaders are in fact deeply compromised souls and minds that are all about hoarding money, power, and control. The reason this is being revealed on CNN is that they have no choice, big things are about to blow wide open. CNN is shit propaganda.

  4. What a time to be alive. UAP talk on major news networks. Spider senses tingling. Trust has to be earned back by governments around the world that have constantly shut this topic down.

  5. The Pentagon took ufo’s seriously 70 years ago it’s not a new phenomenon.

  6. Seems like government's slowly telling every that aliens do exist,, as crazy as it sounds

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