Colin and Robby: Podesta Calls For UFO TRANSPARENCY, Pentagon Set To Release New Report

Colin Rogero and Robby Soave react to reports that John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, thinks Congress needs to take UFOs seriously.

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26 Comments on “Colin and Robby: Podesta Calls For UFO TRANSPARENCY, Pentagon Set To Release New Report”

  1. Why is what John Podesta says relevant? Why is the Hill amplifying his pronouncements? Wasn't he the guy who managed Hillary's campaign so well, she lost to Donald Trump? Didn't he get caught requesting Andy Lack to boost the NBC media attention to Donald Trump to improve his standing in the Republican primary? Didn't he obtain over 500 million dollars of earned media for Trump? I guess I can see why he wasn't jailed for his part of rigging the RNC primary, but WHY does The Hill "Rising" feature this clown at all. Could it be the DNC pays for ads on the channel now. Chuck Schumer, Stacey Abrams, Gabby Gifford and Mark Kelly begging for money to stop the evil Republicans, who ran a much fairer primary than the DNC did in 2016 and 2020. They don't NEED the money for anything except rigging the "average donation" value. They have donor cash coming in the glory hole.

  2. They are not aliens. They are demons and for the Christ followers it is setting up our cover for the rapture.

  3. As a believer these two are complete skeptics of UFOs and also I bet they don’t even believe that there is life out there in the universe probably arrogant enough to think that they’re the only ones or actually we are the only ones in the universe that are sentient or even living beings I know for a fact that they are here for peace they are here to learn and they are here to study our social aspects as well as to study our technology our cultures and our military capabilities to determine whether or not we are able to destroy ourselves and to try and stop that from happening by what they been doing turning off all nuclear weapons and I’m sure the same things probably happen in all of the countries that have nukes I for one realize and know that we need to change our ways and our thinking and to comprehend the fact that we aren’t the only life and that there’s a vast universe of different beings out there that are observing us and learning about us and eventually they are going to teach us about them and also many of us that have been peacefully taken on board their craft and have the memory of what have happened to us will eventually be the ambassadors between us and them because of the way we had been treated which was good and no harm to us because I know that if I live long enough I will be one that has been on board alien spacecraft and who will be representing us to them and them to us and thousands of others as well and due to the fact that I was taken and a girl was taken at the exact same time that I was we both have been together and bored the same UFOs the same time and there is also the possibility that I may have a child out there and not even know it and that child may be also one of the next because it stays with in the families of those who are taken passing on the legacy as a future ambassador

  4. look there is something out there it's been going on since the bible days we need to find out and see if it is a threat to national security or if we need to set another place at the table. for our new friends.

  5. thats the problem there is no info on what they are it says they do not have any idea

  6. It's probably aliens, but they will never admit it!! The sceptics are very disingenuous. Very disappointing.

  7. Who's the new guy? Skepticism is not believing what you want to believe when there is a lack of evidence. Dismissing evidence prior to careful examination is just being an ignorant fool.

  8. Great, so have Scooby Doo walk up to Biden for the big reveal, and take the darn prosthetics off so we can see the aliens.

  9. Difficulty admitting other civilisations is like telling children santaclaus isn't real: it spoils the magic. The People is mature enough. It's not from the Earth; it belongs to some other civilisation (cartesian realism). Deliberations must go beyond that.

  10. People who are making EXCUSES are just ignorant and not ready to accept the facts that exceed their mental capability.

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