Comforting Baby After Car Crash in 29 Palms, CA

Due to the intensity of this video viewer discretion is advised. This video was recorded in 29 Palms, CA, in 2018.

While on a UFO Investigation we came across a car accident in 29 Palms, CA. We were the first to assist on scene. Tim holds a baby involved in the accident until the ambulance arrives.

The identities of the individuals involved are unknown. The injuries sustained by individuals involved are unknown. We hope everyone involved is ok.

We shared this incident to encourage others to help people in need. All of us would want the same for ourselves.

Go to original youtube video here UC9mVNQu54jwGf_eNBWlCb7w

47 Comments on “Comforting Baby After Car Crash in 29 Palms, CA”

  1. Wow!!! Not only are you our favorite ufo research group, you're also an amazing humanitarian.
    Great job Tim 🖒

  2. I hope all involved were okay. That first car looked messed up. Good work, Tim, for the compassion and stepping up.

  3. You're a bloody HERO DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! you should be proud off yourself dude!! Love from The UK

  4. Hi Tim
    You did such a wonderful thing stopping and caring for the car victim baby Tracey called for the emergency services,
    The most heroic act was you held and cared and said the nicest things to the baby ,then handed over the the ambulance crew ..

    Tim you are the most wonderful man and Tracey it goes to show what you do ,your in my prayers and well done

    From Tracey in
    U.K. England

  5. best thing u could have done would have been to dig a small hole in the desert and put the baby inside, bury it and leave…it just wont shut thefuck up!! reletless!!

  6. i live in Joshua Tree, this is crazy thank you for thanking time out of your day to make sure everything went smoothly.

  7. I have seen frightening and Ghastly alien things at the Amboy crater in the year 2010. I have been frightened to reveal my story before, but the recent death of my wife has loosened all such constraints. I have written a detailed account if anyone is interested in it.

  8. I'm a father and that cry had me choking back tears. That's a scared cry……😓

  9. Did you ever find out what happened did the people make it through the accident? And the baby is it OK?

  10. Why u put this on Youtube? To "proove" how good you are? You know what, real humanity don't need videoprooves! You are just click and viewer addicted. thats disgusting. You just did this with intention to put this on youtube.

  11. You are one heck of a Man to do what you did, and stay calm, this was heart wrenching I hope the baby is ok, so young…God Bless You and All involved..

  12. possible flying in underground lake Lake Titicaca is large deep lake in the Andes on the border of Bolivia and Peru from Salton Sea and Salton Sea underground water to gulf of california through Brazil ?

  13. I was a volunteer Firefighter for 8 years, had my emt for 4 years . We appreciate people like you sir , your a good human being and thanks for helping.

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