CONFIRMED TR3B Exists! Undeniable UFO Footage!!! ALIEN TECH OVER Air-Force Base 2016

CONFIRMED TR3B Exists! Undeniable UFO Footage!!! ALIEN TECH OVER Air-Force Base 2016 Did Ryan Capture The Elusive TR3-B On Camera!!? After Close Enhancement, Thirdphaseofmoon Thinks He Did!

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21 Comments on “CONFIRMED TR3B Exists! Undeniable UFO Footage!!! ALIEN TECH OVER Air-Force Base 2016”

  1. I agree with Simon.. it is an RC ducted fan. Even if the GOV had this plane they would not just decide to openly fly it over someones house consistently.

  2. Old Guard = Old Thinking or No thinking = uncomfortable at first —> 9. Clear message = you are loved = truth = Honorable POTUS! Timing = exposure? Storm-Movie-Universe unfolding as it should/pre-planned/set in motion long ago/ trust 17!

  3. I keep telling everyone BECAUSE they want to use it as a super weapon and the others that they have in a terrible war to clobber whatever enemy they have to they are anticipating a war IF YOU HAD AN ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE YOU WOULDNT TELL ANYBODY—————

  4. They have Saucers call them what you want flying craft that are able to defy gravity they are going to use them in a war that is going to happen in the near future its why they dont tell anybody and also if they did tell everyone they would have to explain where they got it from and that would be from the Aliens—————-

  5. show us some Interstellar Craft , not these Edsels from the ssp..these images arent even a tr3b which should have a light at each apex and one in the center

  6. I'm not so sure could just be a tailess jet..a ufo flyer of this craft is silent an rotates thru the air spinning like a card…an ufos have no tail propulsion…it's antimatter is lit up from the bottom in a circle

  7. ich durfte live in den letzten tagen trb3-6sehen dachte an ner drohne aber in diesen video sind viele fakes trb 3hat 3rote u 1weisses licht hinten macht kein geräusch ein rotes bingt immer u ein weises licht ist unten an antigravitation

  8. Nuclear powered. Our crafts now can take off fly in our atmosphere,, go fly in space and also under water.. That's amazing tech

  9. Hey third phase just captured what I believe to be a possible sighting. Where can I forward video?

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