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  1. Stupid. How do you expect society to operate? Are there any better ideas? I mean it's not like we vote for our government or anything…oops.

  2. Oh silly government, people are waking up…in other words, we are coming together, bringing power back to the people…..silly you , dont you get it..?

    Love & Peace to All

  3. It's stupid shit like this that Edward Bernays made possible. A multi-media presentation, slick and compelling as a commercial, but devoid of any substance. Somehow I've managed to own and, yes, register several cars and never did the state take them away. Ever notice how insanely people park even WITH the threat of parking tix? Imagine if we were "free" of that "oppression". This video will impress 1/2-witted TV generation people but anyone with a brain knows it's a con-job.. grow up!

  4. I love the video but I feel like there should be one correction made: the birth certificate does NOT register the child or human being, it registers the event of the birth. There is only joinder between us and the name if we make it happen by our actions (or acquiescence). Check out the channel I'm using for a solution to the problem.

  5. More or less accurate legally speaking, but 1)What better way is there, and why aren't you implementing that way for everyone around you? 2)The government for the most part doesn't give a shit about you, and it's WAY more of a pain in the ass for it to get bureaucracy to move through enough to do something than it is for you to do it. It has to have a rule saying it CAN, and you have rules to say you CAN'T. Ultimately, YOU AND I CREATED IT THIS WAY. Torn down, we'd build it back again, ASAP.

  6. The only thing I take exception to in this video is the idea that the strawman is YOUR property. It is property of the state that issued it.

  7. I knew a lady who believed that your SSN was the mark of the beast, so she gave birth to her children at home and never "registered" them. Her husband was a ranch hand (a "slave") who worked for food & little money. She was home-schooling the kids "in her own way," meaning they didn't learn much, and she thought they would just grow up on the farm to be self sustaining. Her family might have been free from government, but they were dirty, miserable people. This cartoon is clever nonsense.

  8. @stone51462 Sounds like you have a "perspective" – some of the most miserable people I have met work in the city while some of the happiest people I met were simple farmers and tribespeople in the amazon. Your analysis of home schoolers is also flawed. Though a few may lack your "standard" of education many many more surpass conventional schoolers especially in the reading department. (mackinac org/11559) Your retort is nonsense and lacks cleverness ….

  9. Isn't it fascinating how sometimes a crazy person can sound so rational and sane on the surface…?

  10. This is an ambiguous cartoon that ignores many "facts of life" everyone here is such a brave rebel. Ok, go ahead and tear apart your social security number, do not send your kids to school, plant your own garden in the back yard and self sustain.

  11. The sole purpose of having a population is NOT to create a revenue for the government. Maybe in some countries but NOT in the United States!

  12. No your honor I can't go to jail for stabbing that man. It was my straw Man who is responsible. Same goes for the abuse and neglect of my children.

  13. It's funny how the media is controlled so nothing controversial is talked about on the news. And how people have to go online to find out what's really going on. And the funny thing is how congress is trying to censor the internet. Wonder why? It's because we are waking up like you said.

  14. It's insane all right – but legally, it's factual. Maritime law and the applications it's been put to are mind-boggling, once you start looking at them closely.

  15. Because they've still got a violent power struggle over who is going to control them. Here, that struggle was finished over 100 years ago, and the struggle is much less dramatic and obvious – how much control are they going to have?

  16. Its ok your government will take care of you…..If you don't know how to read or understand the big words in the dictionary and teach your self knowledge!!! So just go back to sleep it will be ok!!! The corporation thanks you for you support!!!

  17. To help those that are awake out there!!! Research Trust Law, Admiralty Law, Contract Law….these are the keys for the remedy you are looking for!!!

  18. Since my car is owned by my straw-man (fictitious me), then the Government owns my fictitious car, not the real one, owned by the real me.

  19. Funny, there an awful lot of straw men doing real frickin' time because they listened to sheerest nonsense like this. Do taxes suck, yes. But the government doesn't need a straw man to collect them or compel adherence to any other ridiculous rule it has or may someday promulgate. See, the government enjoys what is opaquely known as a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. Indeed, it is the defining attribute of government. Because, for better or worse, it can lock you up (or if need be, kill you) it has no need to resort to such a silly-ass system. The monopoly can be wrested away but only temporarily and only by means of successful armed insurrection. I don't recommend it. And in the end, the only thing that changes is the identity of the thugs then enjoying the same monopoly.

    That said, by all means, follow this Leprechaun to the end and, along the way,, you'll encounter jargon-larded concepts you've not once heard so much as whispered of in all your years of life. The many inscrutable texts and videos attempt collectively to convey the impression there exists actual substance to this slinking disease of mind. And, should you succeed and make it to the end of the rainbow, the Lephrechan will offer you the holy grail–the one grimoire that, if perfectly operated, will free you from the trap you have helped build,, and that miracle can be yours . . . for <cough> the most nominal of fees. No, don't take my word for it. You have, stretching out before you,many months to waste. Go for it. As for me, I only know what I'm talking about. And compare to this epic insanity, what possible use is that? G'day.

  20. Exodus 13:12
    [12]That thou shalt set apart vnto the Lord all that openeth the matrix, and euery firstling that commeth of a beast, which thou hast, the males shall be the Lords.

  21. the paper, artificial entity, the strawman, the all caps name is the US citizen, created by Congress via the 14th Amendment. They own it and regulate it as they see fit, like fit. When they had the lock down, they were talking to the strawman and not the flesh and blood because they have no control of the flesh and blood because nothing artificial can control something real. nothing in the public can control anything in the private, unless the flesh and blood (the private) claim to be the strawman (public). For example The driver's license, voter REGISTRATION card, all other documents, and all of your bills are PRIMA FACIA evidence that the strawman exists and since you claim to be the strawman, you gave up your Constitutionally protected rights for a benefit and a privilege. not only that since we claim to be the strawman, we have to follow, physically what the strawman a fake PERSON using fake money, eating fake food…learn to separate and take control of the strawman. we must also know that the ignorance of the law is no excuse, as a judge will tell you, but we don't have to be a lawyer to know the law…

  22. This is ideal for people with split personalities, or those who do not want to take responsibility for their actions. The birth certificate is issued as a record and document of birth as is a death certificate. If the stray man is dead since one has been born. Where is its birth and death certificate? If the government has conspired to create your stray man to take all his/her money, how does this work if the strawman is dead? When one applies critical thinking and logic this theory is wrong and dangerous. It encourages a delusional conspiratorial mindset which believes there are all different versions of oneselve in the system and they can elude a whole range of laws and responsibilities Remember the system views you as one entity. Not dozens!

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