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  1. He repeats same thing over and over for more than an hour. it kind turned me off. Also, they didn't show anything new or evidence that he says exist, not even a real statement of a top secret guy that "he has talked." Save your bucks. Summary of one 1h:30: Conspiracy over alien technology that Government has, and don't want to release because of the world economy.

  2. Nope not anything with Dr. Steven Grier involved. He’s a self promoting tool who is only interested in making money and taking credit for any news on UFO’s.

  3. There has to be highly top secret classified projects and information. There will always be people that wish they were in the know, but they are not in the need to know.

  4. the movie didnt really share anything revelations that was worth paying for. it wasnt as good as I had hoped. they were wondering about a lot of things like everyone else

  5. Blake, this is why I've always been such a huge fan of Dr. Greer. The main ingredient in the Disclosure process is a sense of urgency. We as a Human race really do not have the luxury of time on our side anymore. I know you are non-political, and I agree with that, but Disclosure it's self is unfortunately a political issue. The sooner we can bring the issue of Disclosure into the political sphere, the sooner we can educate the general public and create that sense of urgency.

    Also, fantastic documentary btw. Definitely did not disappoint.

  6. I love listening to Dr. Stephen Greere speak. The way he sees the universe and how incredibly intelligent he is , it just fills my soul with good. That's something rare.

  7. Meh….not buying the Palmdale story….gravity and inertia are things we don't know how to control.

  8. This was fantastic. Can't wait. Our world, our planet, our societ, our people…we aren't just ready for this, We Need It. welcome and good day my fellow fellows.

  9. i wanna see some actual ufo footage for once, im tired of seeing CGI recreation videos. its 2021 with all this technology we have it's time to finally show some real stuff.

  10. Interesting. I do not think you could say there was any revelations, but enjoyable.
    I can not help feel that we are witnessing another propaganda campaign. Dr. Greere as always is very well spoken, though for all the times I have heard him speak, I don't think he has really ever said anything.
    He seems to have proof of many things though refuses to share it, while cautioning everyone of the sharletons that will sell false information. 
    There are usually two sides to a magic trick. The left hand and the right.
    Unfortunately that is what I believe we are seeing. Just another magic trick, perpetrated by the elite to continue to maintain the narrative and drive their agenda. Even if the narrative is unclear, this is actually better.
    Unclear creates factions…factions create sides, sides create division and confusion. It also creates the possibility of multiple outcomes to the magic trick. Select the outcome dependent upon the shifting end game, or shifting situations.
    Magic tricks are about diversion in the end, are they not?

  11. I actually gave my money five bucks I think and should have known. I have to hand it to satan but the Lord wont allow the devil leave his soon grave with all his fallen angels. We know the FF pandemic didn't work and us who study scripture know that we wait for the "mark" and when America tramples over its constitution to put in a death decree if you don't take the mark the plaques began. Your creator will either be by His remnant church or those who take this mark He will remove satan and his angels and death will be no more. Uts about worship not ufo's. Many worlds visit us and I' m willing to bet Steve and his ilk have no clue why.

  12. I've been following Dr. Greer for a few years now and. he really got me excited. I got the App but never used it, I did. buy 2 of his movies before they were free or rentable. However, lately …I don't know …I have to agree with some of the doubters here … I'm starting to smell Bullshit.

  13. Well, I don't believe life outside of earth exists. However, IF (and that's a very big IF) life does exist outside of earth, I do not believe they have any hostile intentions toward us.

  14. Were too busy fighting each other with identity politics to reverse engineer alien craft or make the massive advancements these UFO craft demonstrate.

  15. Well I paid 3.99 to find out what I already knew. Basically a remake of Unacknowledged. I just want hard data. Is that to much to ask for.

  16. I just watched this! Please fire your audio dude…. Music all loud when I'm trying to hear you talk. Bad mic audio, excessive music at that..fire that person please.

  17. Dr. Steven greer is completely nuts, he thinks that he can vector UFO'S and aliens to his location with his mind folks. Let's think about that for a moment, this guy actually thinks he can communicate with UFO'S OR UAP'S and psychicly bring them to a specific location. That's just one of the many insane claims he makes. I want to believe him and I believe UFO'S are real and that they're most likely not human technology and it'd be amazing if we could see some real footage or proof that they're real. Instead we've gotten a couple videos like the gimbal and go-fast that are intriguing but visually aren't very clear. Somebody put out some real clear footage please!

  18. LOL. Yeah.. all on schedule til "whoops" the news about the 200 kid mass grave popped up in Canada. Suddenly.. having a catholic president, and a pope that refuses to talk about the fact that their schools used to use electric chair torture and beatings and killing of indigenous kids.. uhm.. also where the Queen and JUST DEAD Phillip lost some of those kids at a park…
    You get the picture here? No one wants to start "coming out" about the truth at the moment.
    So what happened instead? They went after the guy america got told was the root investigator.. and all his emails get "deleted", and no one wants ANYTHING to do with "the truth" too much poop on fire on the doorstep at the moment, too many "Hinge Pins" of society barely holding on for their rulership over you slaves.
    Welcome to more of the same people.

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