Coverup CONFIRMED: UFO Files BLOCKED From Public

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42 Comments on “Coverup CONFIRMED: UFO Files BLOCKED From Public”

  1. you have such a clean channel dude, this is the only one I've found that is even rational with all the theories.

  2. Just a question – hasn't the UK enacted all EU laws into uk parliament in order to choose which ones to keep and scrap? That would mean the law might not change at all.. any thoughts?

  3. It is MASSIVELY clear that the Government lies about EVERYTHING. That they would lie and conceal the truth regarding our "visitors" is NO SUPRISE at all.

  4. get the f*** out of here that's insane Kyle Kun is my friend and he's done a few of my tattoos! Jesus Christ what a small world I really didn't think many people in my neighborhood neck of the woods we're big in to UFology well I got to call Kyle this is so funny!

  5. finally on the 10th of July 2017 I am almost 45 years old I seen my first sighting in California my second was here in Washington State in July I I saw a UFO darting through the Upper part where space in the uper of the Earth meets disappeared reappear and kept on cruising through space like it was nothing this was at night around 1:20 in the morning on July 11th the UFO what's going so fast it disappear an fast

  6. in norway there was two thunderstorms whitin a week. there is rarely thunderstorms in norway so I think there is someting going on.

  7. I think what's actually going on is EU caving under pressure of the US military industrial complex.

  8. Last year when i stayed at a 25 story Hilton hotel, a hot asian stewardess and a 50 year old, white haired, very distinguished airline pilot were just getting done checking in at the front desk. I went right to him and asked him for the truth about what kind of unusual craft he has encountered in all his years. He squirmed for 2 to 3 seconds, then looked at the lady, looked back at me and said "I haven't seen anything unusual". Yeah……..if he flew BLINDFOLD!!! Undoubtedly, he assumed I was a gvmt. checker.

  9. Secret dossiers, possible sightings and something going on? why are Kids so dumb that they actually believe this is real?. There are No Aliens kids, time to grow up.

  10. I remember hearing a couple of years ago that one of the actors in one of the 'alien' films had had encounters.
    Everyone thought that it was Sigourney Weaver. I guess that they were wrong.

  11. I imagine Dr David Clarke was very surprised when he was blocked…more so than anyone else seeing as he is a shill on the payroll of MI5 and his job is to totally debunk and deny UFO existence and all sightings…

  12. If world governments are in a covert partnership with aliens, then it only makes sense this is going on.

  13. It's the government secret air crafts. They're over 100 years of technology ahead. You would have thought the blackbird jet was an UFO if seen in the early 80's

  14. The freedom of information act is strickly american and any one that tells you no is committing a crime and you can get a judge's order to make them release it l.

  15. this is the best channel on youtube as far as truth and volume of UFO info. other than Military channels that you have to have a military ID to get information on.

  16. The more I teach myself by watching channels like this the more i realize just how much the government is the enemy of the people. Everything they do is corrupt., wasteful and lied about, Do we even need a federal gov.

  17. What about having a safty of civilian act and if we don't have one we should all fight for one. If something happens to our government we should know that we should be able to protect ourselves and i mean not at the last minute

  18. This is for your video onjul 5 2017 but anyway our government doesn't care about the people in which case our government was made for protecting its citizens why even have one

  19. We cant wait for Brexit to be concluded. Hard or otherwise – 'otherwise' provided we have access to our information without EU law blocking this and every other newspaper report which includes family historians simply searching for family history in the press.  as this too is removed as I have discovered, never to be found again. Especially if you try to hunt down Rothschilds, Guilderbergs and the like.

  20. It needs to be public knowledge so that private or personel flyers can know what's up there and take precautions as needed, BOOM reason.

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  22. It's Called Area51 and Roswell They Cover Up The Truth With Lies….Go To XFiles And Mufon And UFO Hunters

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