Crashed Alien Cube Recovered In Sudan Desert? ISS UFO Activity & More! 8/31/16

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36 Comments on “Crashed Alien Cube Recovered In Sudan Desert? ISS UFO Activity & More! 8/31/16”

  1. For most people ignorance is bliss…because to admit anything is wrong would mean that they would have to do something about it

  2. Bill 9 is a main stream personality….I'm sure he knows the govt is covering up…. But is he gonna say that publicly….no way….so I'm gonna cut the guy some slack. Tyler I love you dude but come on, your being a little niave thinking he's just gonna just come out and say something to get fired.

  3. The Bay is loosely based on fact, there is an actually parasite that eats the fish's tongue and literally looks like a potato bug or " rolly polly ", it's pretty crazy

  4. Nice one below there bud. Same 🎩. Can you really say it's this damn swamp gas?. Where is this swamp??

  5. Pacu are very popular in aquarium stores. Lots of people let their fish go in lakes, ponds and rivers when they get tired of them or they get too big. There's absolutely nothing strange or paranormal about this. The human looking teeth might throw you for a loop at first. They're actually so so adorable when they're little and you see those tiny little human looking teeth in their mouth. Lol! But, yeah, my husband has kept aquariums for 30+ years and we've owned many pacu. They're actually pretty scared of people and usually try to run and hide. And, like you mentioned, they're plant eaters.

  6. Bill bill bill bill, bill nye the science shill… doesn't have quite the same ring to it I know but at least it's the truth.

  7. cows get killed by lightning all the time… all the time, 19 is alot but not unheard of. This channel is continuously amused by very mundane things. i have a video of my rabbit standing on his back legs… i could sent it along for a look into this new mind blowing phenomena

  8. Bill nye is NOT a Scientist, he only has a bachelors degree in engineering do your research, its documented.

  9. No No No Nasa said after extensive scrutiny they are convinced it's debris from the space shuttle Or Ice crystals from the swamp gas Porto potty ,, So nothing to see here again … Now how about those NY Mets ?

  10. Let's consider what Mr. Nye said for a minute. He actually gives us, directly or indirectly, the answer. A. There would be thousands of government employees that know and the secret would get out. Well…that IS happening. B. There is no proof of ufos. He's right. There is proof of AVPs, AAVs, UVPs and whatever else the government calls them now. And "aliens" aren't aliens if you know who they are and why they're here. And if they've been here 10,000ys, aren't they now "earthlings." We have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

  11. Bill Nye is a shill,but God bless you Tyler if you're innocent enough to believe otherwise!

  12. The beasts of the field. Bible prophecy happening before your eyes.. is what is going on. Christ is going to be returning.. SOON!

  13. I hate to be a downer, but the idea that a coverup of such a large phenomenon could not be kept is incorrect. If it were “just” an unknown phenomenon, that would likely be the case and many people would likely have leaked the truth by now. But if there’s a really good reason to keep such secrets secret, the people involved would have good reason not to divulge the truth. Think of the scenario in Stargate: the truth was only kept secret because it was important to do so. And that’s what sketches me out. The fact that the likely reality of the situation has been kept secret tells me something really is likely to be happening. Scary!

  14. I concur Mr Tyler ….The Govt can keep a secret here is a great example that I use when someone slams me with that question, this was a whole city built in secret with secret top level secrecy project going on: The Manhattan Project began modestly in 1939, but grew to employ more than 130,000 people and cost nearly US$2 billion (about $23 billion in 2018 dollars).

  15. Does that strange silky outer stuff make you think parachute?…if measurements were 1in x 2in it couldnt be a large enough satellitte to carry an alien crew…didnt the government release 500 of those cube things at one point?

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