Creepy News: UFO Sighting in New Mexico & I-5 Strangler Killed in Prison

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This week, we’ll tackle the mysterious case of an American Pilot’s encounter with otherworldly aircraft in New Mexico and the shocking news on the death of the I-5 strangler. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted News.

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47 Comments on “Creepy News: UFO Sighting in New Mexico & I-5 Strangler Killed in Prison”

  1. It's not like the USAF would admit it if they were doing tests, especially if they almost shot down a commercial airliner by mistake.

  2. I cant believe no one has mentioned the muderers demon bat ears! They are extraordinary!
    If i ever saw ears like this on a bloke id run a mile, they are demonic looking !

  3. I live in New Mexico. Just west of Clayton, where the above incident took place, is Dulce, NM. Archuleta Mesa and the Dulce Base are located there.

  4. Great video.Also the Alien sighting happened where I live. That serial killer got a taste of karma so that's always good too.

  5. Hey it's 2021 and when not directly quoting statements you should use the term Sex Worker. The term prostitute is used to discredit victims and survivors. Do better.

  6. If I have pictures of what I absolutely believe to be a UFO, how do I go about contacting someone to find out whether or not it is?

  7. Is no one shocked that this dude had an IPhone 5 in 1976?!
    Clearly not only a serial killer but a time traveler too.

  8. About the I-5 strangler, I thought he was going to say "…he was found raped and strangled in his cell" LOL

  9. Just FYI 😘
    They pronounce Costa like, this is going to "cost a" lotta money. (You pronounced Contra perfectly) 😁

  10. I love how you have footage of an air force KC-135 refueling aircraft when you were talking about an American airlines pilot. Idk why I find that funny

  11. I have never heard anything good from hitchhiking or picking up a hitcher.better not do it ever.

  12. This background music behind a story that's been told many times makes me want to fall asleep lol

  13. If ur car stops in the freeway or areas like the i 5 don't just let anyone help u if u get the erie feeling trust ur gut

  14. Kinda abrupt way to end that 2nd story. Figured you would have elaborated on what happened abit more. No mention of who killed him or anything. Just he was strangled end of story lol.

  15. So comforting to know things can just fly over the US and around airplanes without any gov agency even noticing it

  16. Thank you for the upload! Also appreciate the volume of the soft music. Much easier to listen ^^

  17. 10 years between 1st murder and 2nd murder does not compute.If hw was on the street in that time period he had to have done more carnage.Another good video from S.M. with the always great narration…….Peace all and keep staying safe.

  18. I know it's not the mother's fault, but letting your daughter drive off alone with a stranger in the middle of the night? really? who suggested she go by herself?

  19. As some one from NM. I got a question. That flight picture you showed, is that where the object was detected? There was a "wether balloon" crash in that area back in the late 80s early 90s that was never explained and reported to not be a weather balloon that crashed… it hit in the Red Rock state park. Literally almost exactly in the flight picture u showed…

  20. Hello Mr. Scary mysteries did you know there are petroglyphs between LosAngles and Las Vegas known as Blythes something check it out

  21. Wait a minute there was a Television movie about this with Charlene Tilton And Think Kathryn Helmond also, towards the end of the movieCharlene's character met up and was beat up and she escaped and she was in the hospital but her little sister was trying trying to hitchhike just about at the end of the movie scary

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