Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. Oregon's cryptid creatures and mystery object damaged UFO?

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Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. Oregon’s cryptid creatures and mystery object damaged UFO?

The stories I have you this week start with a rundown of the many cryptid creatures that are found in the Pacific Northwest. Mainstream news jumped aboard the cryptozoology band wagon for a bit with a story from the Willamette Week.
Secondly, in UFO news, a Homeowner says a mystery object damaged his house and it didn’t fall from a plane according to the FAA’
So first up a story a fun story out of Oregon that could more awareness to the field of cryptid studies and possibly inspire the next generation of cryptozoologist.
The article is a little tongue in cheek and start out by saying “Oregon is a frightening place.”
It goes on the woods are remote. The waters are murky and it is dark and gloomy most of the year. Travelling beyond Portland and the city limits, and you will find yourself in true wilderness and it could be anyone’s guess as to what is lurking out there in the trees and bushes?
It is said that the area is a hotbed for strange cryptid and paranormal activity everything from river serpents to flying werewolves and our friend Sasquatch.

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