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  1. I can´t wait to hear of more weather balloons, gas, planets and birds. defective lenses, etc….now no UFO but UAP so, object opens to a more subjective idea: phenomena….at the most they will report that is magnetic fields and the new airplane jets from the military.

  2. If the US Government doesn't know what these are, heads better be rolling and possibly going to prison. Of course they know what these are. They track every single thing in the world at all times

  3. People who say UFOs don't exist are the crazy ones, and discredit themselves. The evidence of technology thousands of years ahead of us is what is on video evidence all aroundthe world

  4. I heard a very intriguing theory from Fran Blanche on how these things are able to zip in and out of our world.

    They aren't there physically meaning the planes can't crash into it. No electricity and doesn't create a sonic boom when moving through our air. That's because whatever is operating it is in a higher dimension and is using these small crafts to peek into our world without disturbing actual matter. This is why they can move in all directions with supersonic speeds and the air molecules aren't pushed aside. This also explains disappearing, reappearing, and moving underwater at 300 mph. They aren't occupying real space, it's a protjection of a 3D object.

  5. When they come down we go up. That's what I think. They're conditioning public consciousness to accept aliens as a explanation for the rapture and the demonic forces that will rule once the church is gone. -You have been warned.

  6. The Triangles areTR3B's but what we are calling aliens have always been here. It's just that now the technology that makes them visible is ubiquitous.

    We have double and triple blinds around this area of study. Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nixon, and Bush were deep in the know. Heck UFO's buzzed D.C. on the regular in the 50' and planes were crashing out of the sky at an alarming rate, then you hear about Eisenhower and his mystery dentist appointment where he signed a treaty which was basically a surrender.

    They are not from outer space. They are here on Earth with us. We just started working with night vision in the early 80'. By the time we got to Gen 3 everybody was reporting seeing them. Then our cameras became more sophisticated and they started picking them up when people were snapping photos of everyday events. So now they can no longer hide and a story has to be concocted to explain who they are. I guarantee you they are running things and have been for a very long time. They look like us. They planted the idea that all aliens look like monsters but that is not true.

    Baby steps are good because too much of this truth can be devastating to the psyche and disrupt the group consciousness. Man is not the Apex Predator of Planet Earth and never has been. If aliens were coming to visit, they wouldn't be visiting us necessarily.

  7. They occasionally cross dimensions to ours, who knows why, its a way higher level of intelligence we probably wouldn't be able to understand anything about it anyways. Likely they have been popping in and out on this planet since long before our existence. Its important to realize multi-dimensional is also multi time planes.

  8. Not everything is rivets, sheet metal and smoke. We are in diapers with our jets. Start with light. It travels at the speed it owns. We can't even approach it at CERN.

  9. The Space Force Police are the only enterprise fleet who stand between you and hell.

  10. All types of aliens are demons. The godfathers of Ufology, Dr J Allen Hynek and Dr Jaques Vallee, both sceptics, under took a study for the US government, both concluded the phenomena is real, inter dimensional, not from space and demonic in nature over time. Look at the demonic 'spirit guide', Aleister Crowley summoned, Lam in 1918, its basically a grey alien, he said "today we call them demons, tommorow we ll call them something else" That something else is aliens.98% of all 'alien' encounters are horrific in nature and unwanted. Cattle mutilation (clues in the description). The horrific sexual assault in the 'examinations' and stealing the babies. They are all demons, period. Not our saviours or space brothers. No coincidence, when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked, the encounters end. Please understand there is a coming great deception coming with this alien phenomenon. Repent, ask God to reveal his son Jesus, believe he is Lord and God and died and shed his blood for our sins and is risen. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Watch "Aliens are Demons" on YouTube

  11. (edit) We are doomed..
    These (they) are watching us..
    And we can't even agree they are there…

  12. Get ready for alien vairent covid.. But don't worry the vacine will still work for it.. This new vacine wow took a year to make.. Kills all variants.. Yet flu vacine been around for years only kills one variant that years flu…

  13. Well from watching this Toupee wearing dick I can tell ya their still not gonna tell us SHIT. (The govt doesn’t know what going on) FULL OF SHIT. BOTH MUFON AND THE GOVT. Speak you damn mind ya fucking puppet. Ya really think their gonna say….
    ”Hey let’s get into what Phil Schneider did when he worked with us!!!”” Y’all are fucked. We’re NOT GONNA KNOW ANYMORE THIS MONTH THAN WE DID LAST WEEK…. IM CALLING IT. IM SAYING IT NOW THIS DISCLOSURE IS A SHIT SHOW.

  14. unbelievable that people in 2021 don't mute their phones and laptops the moment the purchase them.

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