Cube UFO Falling From Space

Ever wondered what it’s like to see a UFO hurtling from space? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see a UFO so clear that you can make out every detail on it? That’s exactly what we have here. It’s a cube UFO, silver in colour and shiny. It’s hurtling through the atmosphere at God knows what speed but it’s tumbling which indicates that it’s out of control? It could be a satellite which has come to the end of it’s life and has been sent through the Earth’s atmosphere? The only thing with that though is that it looks like it made it in perfect condition? There’s no aerials on it though, there’s no identifying marks, it’s got nothing by way of a propulsion system so it’s just a case of a UFO being caught on camera at the right moment. I’d like to know as much information as possible on this because it’s a real conundrum. Is it a cube sat? By cube sat I mean a cube Satellite maybe as a part of the Star link Tesla WiFi system? I have no doubt that someone will be able to help me out with the identity of this brilliant footage? It’s definitely a UFO, until it’s identified, right? It even looks like one of those metal ice cubes that only make a drink extra cold without the ice melting. Also it looks like a rare Earth magnet that a lot of the science channels like to experiment with. But as a real bona-fide aerial vehicle, it looks like nothing out there! In fact, this is probably the most unique looking UFO I’ve ever seen? When I say it’s got clear details I mean we can see the four corners, the mirror finish equal sides and the actual overall shape of the craft, satellite or UFO? You know what, I’ve actually got more to talk about with this UFO than I do most other UFO videos because it’s so clear! The clearer the UFO, the more there is to see because it takes away any doubts as to what we can actually see. Also, I might add that people are always saying or mentioning how blurred a UFO photo is, well, here’s a very clear UFO and please, if you can, what’s the difference? Just because someone takes a picture of a UFO but it’s blurred, it makes no difference to me because I know not everyone has a top of the line smartphone.

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