DanTheWolfman Podcast #3 w/ Systema Wizard George S. Pogacich UFO's Aliens & Nazi's, Movies too!

DanTheWolfman Podcast #3 w/ Systema Wizard George S. Pogacich UFO’s Aliens & Nazi’s, Movies too! THIS ISN’T BULLSHIDO Self-Defense DVD 42% OFF for Fathers Day! PLEASE Patron Systema Street Boxing Bare Knuckle Drills & Breaking Structure Takedowns! Russian Martial Arts 4 1/2 Hr Self-Defense DVD Aliens Talk News Podcast JRE Joe Rogan discussion connection sensitivity punching power space flight elon musk mars moon Nasa history secret dark Alien flying saucer triangles triangle TR-3A TR-3B Roswell NM, Operation Highjump, Windmill, Paul Hellyer Vatican Bob Lazar Element 115 Luis D. Elizondo 60 minutes CNN FOX Advanced Aerospace Navy Airforce USA United States Russia Russian USSR Soviet Martial Arts Vladimir Vasiliev Mikhail Ryabko 1st hand opinions stories news glowing orbs sightings tic tac shape saucer truth about discussion UFO Alien UAP UAV under ocean underground subterranean 3rd reich occult demons Eric Roberts Best of the Best Wesley Snipes Peter Malota jean claude van damme jcvd JRE lance henriksen powerfuljre real fight vs bjj jiu-jitsu Systema vs Royce Reylson Gracie thoughts on skills power hit hard Or PLEASE Donate if you can to PayPal or contact for Seminar/Coaching Opportunities, Nick Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards preview UFC 263 fight KO knockout submission
Resumes,Pics, & Vids on or kung fu bagua pak kua wing chun tae chi or
Sylvester Stallone Stunt Double Ready to Remake or TV shows Cobra, Tango & Cash, Assassins, Nighthawks…Martial Arts News Feuds Feud Also, the Modern Day ACTUAL Next NEW REAL STEVEN SEAGAL THAT CAN ACTUALLY MAKE AIKIDO & Standing Locks work FOR REAL vs PRO MMA Fighters Ready to Remake Above the Law & Out for Justice! Learn how to Fight like John Wick Batman Fighting Combatives & Street Jiu-jitsu

Atlanta ATL Georgia SAG Actor & Stuntman stunts fight coordinator 5’11” 4 Black Belts, Pro MMA Fighter & Commentator, Firearms Expert. Best Fight Clips Highlight Highlights Above the Law, Out for Justice, Hard to Kill, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, TV show sequel Predator, 1,2,3,4,5,6

UFC / Belator MMA/ ONE -should get this actual Technical Analyst Technique Interviewer,Media, Color Commentator Breakdown Learn Rare Submissions How to Defend Counter Self-Defense Best Youtube Channel Joe Rogan experience clips

Learn to mix Catch Wrestling w/ your Brazilian BJJ!
Blend REAL Karate, Judo,& Russian Martial Arts (Systema + Aikido) JKD Wing Chun while keeping Real Self-Defense in mind. kung fu karate Best Mixed Martial Arts coach Classes Instructor Russian Systema Self-defense Combatives Instruction, BJJ vs Catch Wrestling, Check Website for class info
Former Pancrase 270-276 Color Commentator for UFC Fight Pass!
MMA, Karate Go Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai Dutch Kickboxing, Combatives & CCW CWP training Best
Always looking for new Color Commentating or Seminar Opportunities email me Learn Best How to do Techniques Technique My Neo Striking System, Submission Dan The Wolfman Combat System! Training Many different martial arts since 1986 fight defend 1 minute breakdown fight commentary breakdowns
Martial Arts Journey vs Hard2Hurt vs Sensei Seth vs Ramsey Dewey vs Master Wong vs Rokas vs Karate Nerd vs Jesse Enkamp vs Icy Mike drama news talk


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