22 Comments on “Dark Craft Over McKinney, Texas, May 1, 2021, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. dont know what it is, but i really doubt its aliens lol. think about it.. they'd have to travel light years to get here, and once they get here, they fly aimlessly, almost as if being pushed in the direction the wind is moving, like a plastic bag…

  2. Nice stuff once again…also glad your still with us…thought UFO's or MIB had gotten to you…😁👍

  3. I wish I could afford a super binoculars. I'm sure my skies has a lot of these unfriendly flying objects.

  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏💝💝 qué alegría 😊😊 tener noticias ☺️ dé ti sé té echa mucho dé menos Besos virtuales 😍😍🍀🌻🍀🌻🍀💜💖💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Ufo have really been appearing lots lately many are et probes rather than crafts controlled by physical beings

  6. Good to have you back, Scott… hope all is good your side. Sending you good vibes from South Africa.

  7. Now that the mainstream media is more comfortable reporting ufo sightings i feel like some legit ufo disclosure could be in our near future😎 hopefully!

  8. this was in my general area of north Texas. Interesting video and like others… glad to see you are still posting. You always manage to find the most interesting stuff. In case you are looking for content… I just posted a video of an orb almost colliding with an F22 military jet.

  9. do you really think Scott, that ALIEN has no capability to be stabilized under the wind ? if no they should ask me, i got few algo "from mini 2 dji" 😁👍

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