Dark Knight Satellite In Apollo 10 Mission! UFO Sighting News.

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Source: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=AS10&roll=35&frame=5181

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20 Comments on “Dark Knight Satellite In Apollo 10 Mission! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. This orbiting ship must be a mother ship of some sort. All in all, I am betting on the entire bunch of orbs and discs reporting to this Black Knight. Possibly they are Von Neumann Probes, which like to reproduce. That's why they are mining the moon: to get reproductive or replicating materials. Speculative guessing, but they may be using up Tabby's star to build a big gun laser to blow us to pieces if we take offence.

    Today, a government guy confessed that UFO'S remain genuine. He said that our government has pieces of UFO'S and backengineering is taking place. Disclosure. There you have it. Your work has put the government in a tight spot. They can no longer run and hide. They can't keep up with the invasion of discs and orbs and such, including your giant on 67P. I am ready for a class action lawsuit against NASA! It's our money that revealed alien presences on other planets, comets, moon's, and Earth.

  2. Dark Knight is a damn ninja! Trying to hide in the damn shadows like Batman … 😂😂😂

  3. You can also see a triangular shape next to the object. Don't know if it is part of the main object or not. Great find Scott, keep them coming.

  4. You can never tell, could be what you say or a one of hundreds of satellites in orbit…….

  5. Dark Knight is always monitoring us.. it's part of their mission… And it's been going on for many decades.

  6. It looks like an Alien swinging around a pole like the ones you find in a lap dancing bar!

  7. This satellite upon very close inspection seems to have a dish pointed away from Earth with a long antenna eminating from behind and up even higher. The dish and antenna is at the very top of the satellite unit. It may be a communication and or observation satellite. We do know that images of dishes and antenna have been found on the moon. The tiny dot at the bottom of the earth is likely a Telstar satellite or something similiar, however, it is in the direct line of sight of the satellite in question. In the movie "Independence Day" the guy who played the smart Jewish scientist (always dragging his wisecracking father around) discovered motherships linked together by line of sight communications surrounding the whole earth. The plot was to destroy a link in the line of sight communications setup breaking up communications and the ability of the ships to coordinate together. Maybe your photo has evidence of something similiar in the space surrounding the Earth. Satellites communicating with the moon or with other satellites. I believe in the possibility that Dark Knight is an observation and communications satellite. There is an old Chinese legend about a man who built a thronelike chair with bundles of large rockets and launched himself up to see what the world looked like from beyond the clouds. An observer who witnessed the launch saw the man go up and disappear, never to return. This was supposed to be a true historical event in ancient Chinese history. Sometimes when I look at the Dark Knight satellite, I think about the Chinese man because certain pictures of the satellite do resemble a thronelike chair. It seems to change shapes as I see different photos of it. Oh well, thanks a lot for your excellent video presentation and your outstanding observations, I love how you persevere in observations of out of this world phenomena, it is truly a gift to us, your audience and fans. Take care and God bless !!!

  8. Bullshitt, c'est une poussière sur la terre aussi il y as un truc bizarre , conneries rhaaaaaaa

  9. You're findings are amazing. This is what you find, what we are meant to see. Thank you so much for all you do!

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