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  1. People invested a large portion of their life to proving a certain particular view on ufos and aliens and later it becomes easier for them to feign intellectualism as the speakers in this video do. Just the fact that the presenter at the start keeps sneering or joking every 2 sentences makes him
    Look less credible.

  2. Umm…some would be too lazy to to their homework. However, most were not interested in revealing the truth because of how the general public would respond if such information was available. This is just another classic example of how the interest of the military – intelligence community overshadows the truth, common sense, reason, logic and even the law. They say only 3% was classified as unknown while over 21% was listed as unknown out of 3201 UFO cases? Come -on!

  3. Upon losing Mr. Friedman, we lost an intelligent, ARTICULATE and completely fearless leader in the job of getting the unfiltered truth about UFOs out there to the world. R.I.P. Stanton T. Friedman.

  4. Remember the Criterion the most important part is that they were listed as unknowns Project Blue Book has some degree oh, the numbers don't fit what the Air Force and the military was telling us no matter how you cut it oh, and they came clean so we know the doll the date of that Stanton Friedman is giving us is independently verified by the US Department of Defense as of now but back then?

  5. What they were able to do was able to extract the accurate information, this study is quite consistent, but they were able to feed the public false information while they collected the accurate information and Project Blue Book was able to do this given the public one aspect of it while they collected the most important aspect of the data

  6. Project Blue Book number 14 Stanton Friedman pointed out that why is it number 14? What happened to 1 to 14 you can't see it because they're classified, and I think the military people want Stanton Friedman and have wanted him to put this information out here because your military wants to tell you if there's any possibility from anywhere on the world and in the Galaxy does threats you your natural instinct the military's to let you know that something is out there and they can't get out of that

  7. Remember unknown is your criteria because Project Blue Book 2 degree was not normally access to the American people in the way it was interpreted but you have your criteria is the unknowns

  8. Project Blue Book was done so well you want to focus on the unknowns oh, that's the criteria Stan Freeman was setting up for us it's very difficult to see unless you pay attention to every word he says

  9. But I have to say this most Farmers that have no formal and education, on normally smarter and more intelligent than then most people in the city

  10. I remember call singing and I remember him it's the one that inspired us more to look at other planets for the possibility that life but then after he got the keys to National jet propulsion laboratory he clammed up he didn't talk about any possibility of extraterrestrial planets anymore oh, and then he shut the door on all scientific Inquisition related to the possibility of flying saucer I saw him through this and I saw after he got the keys to the jet propulsion laboratory he classified everything oh, they never even want to express the possibility that life existed beyond the Earth where everything that's on Earth is in space and it's been out there billions of years before we've been here we're in for quite a treat

  11. This is the beginnings in the Infantry of the fake news Stanton Friedman if you pay attention to every where he tells you he never lied to you once everything he tells you this verified

  12. As an investigator if you used techniques and tactics to Stanton Friedman used nobody can lie to you without you knowing the truth oh, I don't care if the top intelligence agency in the world if they lie to you you will see them and be able to recognize them this the gift from Stanton Friedman you can investigate anything

  13. The Inquirer scoop that story oh, it was accurate oh, but it was The Inquirer that broke this story and what a story it is

  14. Inquirer was able to accurately give good information even though they were tabloid put out Jessie Masala story you could tell that it was true, it wasn't you could tell the difference between fake news on the CERN answer but when it gave out Jesse muscles information I saw it I know what the news was back then it had integrity and I knew I could check the story

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