Demi Lovato Opens Up About Alien and UFO Encounters (But It Has a Dark Side)

Demi Lovato talks about stunning alien and UFO experiences. Her documentary about aliens and UFOs is called ‘Incredible’. Lions Ground covers the story. SHARE THIS VIDEO!

She told Entertainment Weekly that she was stargazing. She explains that there is a protocol for making contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life.

Suddenly a UFO with big lights appears that makes a question mark in the sky, she claims. However, her alien and UFO story has a dark side.

De Demi Lovato UFO story, does she really see that or does she mean that? Lions Ground covers the story “Demi Lovato Opens Up About Alien and UFO Encounters”.

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15 Comments on “Demi Lovato Opens Up About Alien and UFO Encounters (But It Has a Dark Side)”

  1. I think it's interesting that celebrities do stuff like this but…

    Bruh she just copying Steven Greer smh

  2. Up until last week, I would have disagreed with you about Greer. But after listening to his interview with Danica Patrick, I've changed my opinion. It was obvious to me, he is about himself and making himself famous. I've had experience with lucid dreaming, UFO etc, prior to ever listening to Greer. Thanks for calling him out.

  3. Wow
    I'm not shocked that this is the reality of her claims

    (Also props on the editing for this video, it's very very well done :))

  4. I used to like steven greer but i lost it when he tought people meditation to see ufo & Aliens. Like your videoes bro 👌🏽

  5. Truth is stranger than fiction 🛸

    Military industrial complex is more advanced than we expect.

    Psychological warfare is ancient. Long term population control.

    If you want answers.. look within. Not outward.

    Learn to love yourself and others.

    Life is a process of subtraction. Not addition.

  6. My friend had an almost identical experience in his sleep.. he heard the words "blast off " and was suddenly in a ship looking at the earth. Some beings asked him to get up and try walking around.

  7. And regarding 4:20, how anyone can profess to know or understand what e.t's would or wouldn't do mind boggles me. We have no idea. And there's piles of cases of ets doing exactly that.

    Humans Are nowhere near the top of the intellectual food chain. Wise people know that they don't know shit.. And some of the most fantastic and unbelievable things are completely true and real.

    Don't believe me? Well that's ego/ignorance. . We are basically clueless, and most people are indoctrinated into a certain "reality" that isnt anywhere near the whole picture.

    That person would do well to take a couple good solid hits of DMT in quick succession, ☆breakthrough☆,and maybe they will gain somewhat of an idea of how little we know and understand.

  8. Im undecided about greer but based on my own research, i disagree with him completely that there are no hostile ets . That's a ridiculous statement in my opinion.and plenty of evidence around abduction research backs me up on THAT.

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