Democratic Congressman André Carson wants hearings on UFO sightings

Congressman André Carson of Indiana says he hopes Congress will hold “a series of hearings, and possibly a public hearing, in the very near future.”

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12 Comments on “Democratic Congressman André Carson wants hearings on UFO sightings”

  1. US space force in operation for decades already reversed engineered crashed UFO quit lying to people you live off of.

  2. Could be a hoax by the U.S. Navy, intended to make it easier for Congress to increase the defense budget.

  3. Sure he does. Notice that Democrats want hearings on everything except the 2020 Presidential election ! Nothing to see there!Totally legit !

  4. Dear, Democrats and Republicans and all, Since Apr 2016 Until now i requesting emergency help and justice , please make Justice Great, Humanity Great we proud to be American, With liberty and justice for all, on Twitter @Jamalch11 God Bless All. ⚖️ 🗽 🇺🇸 🐎 🐘

    Justice Please

  5. I'm glad more and more people are accepting the reality that aliens are visiting us regularly and our government has been lying to us our entire lives. It's a shame it took so long (hundreds of thousands have been testifying to their abduction experiences for decades, and nearly all the top generals involved in the Roswell coverup recorded deathbed confession video tapes you can find on YouTube where they admit it was indeed an extraterrestrial ship with the bodies of four Grey-type aliens on board and they were forced to lie and say it was a weather/spy balloon since the lives of their families were threatened), but still better late than never. Now it's time to stop mocking the abductee community (the ones who have been telling the truth all along), stop pretending that we don't already know that the solution to the "Fermi paradox" is that there is no Fermi paradox, and start demanding truth from our government.

  6. Unless these "aliens" have a predilection for hide and seek I think we better focus on novel technological advances here on Earth

  7. Anyone notice that all the pro-evidence comments here are being mysteriously deleted after a few minutes, while all the visitation-denier comments are continuing to remain in place? It's as if someone from Face the Nation has a huge bias against not just the overwhelming evidence of alien visitation but even the government's own admission of it, and are deleting comments that go against their misguided belief system.

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