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Volunteer Deputy Chuck Zukowski was fired by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for activites and comments related to his unusual hobby. His termination letter cited his “conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations” and “publicly contradicting … an official investigation.”

Zukowski is a paranormal investigator interested in UFOs, among other phenomena. His termination was related to an instance of mysterious horse mutilations in Rush.

Video from that story here:

Termination story at


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  1. Lets find lame reasons to get rid of great offices and keep the bad ones. How embarrassing for Colorado Springs.

  2. Things you have to know, if you want a government career. NEVER tell the truth, don't work too hard, and if your wife can't serve up liquor and pimp herself out now and then, you can kiss it goodbye. And, no, you won't be told why you're being fired or given a chance to answer the charges.

  3. This fellow held a position which allowed him information which honestly gave credence to the evidence which THEY wanted kept away from the public , he had to go away.

    Whistle blowers do no stand a chance , for him he is lucky , others are erased or blackmailed into silence.
    The media are instructed too make fun of serious stuff like UFO encounters .
    Want too laugh – The US Air force changed the Roswell story 3 times lol !!!! liars huh

  4. He never represented himself as a deputy speaking for the department. He needs an attorney that knows rights of an individual human being a citizen of thE USA !

  5. Notice how the termination letter first states the investigation of ufos, then its the contradiction. When you write a letter you always start with your strongest case and so on. Clearly they didnt like him talking about ufos but then again the government publicly says they dont talk or deal with that while at the same time spending $21 million dollars investigating ufos

  6. Ii have seen so many light's move in the sky 30 in one night MT MEE RD OCEAN VIEW BRISBANE AUSTRALIA

  7. Someone please tell this officer to familiarize himself with the Book of Enoch. When this world goes another world's hell in a handbasket, everyone will wish and/or pray that they would've taken him seriously!!! American officers like this MAN won't be around too much longer. Shame on you all, EQUALLY!!!

  8. You capping, you can't be fired if you volunteering, he shoulda just told us he weren't feeling it and just walked off

  9. They weakened public safety by terminating this individual. VERY unfair. Don't do this to us on having to deal with who or whatever is tearing our cattle up.

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