Did The Deep State Eliminate JFK To Protect UFO Secrets? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence

Investigators reveal the secret history between US Presidents and the UFO phenomenon, leading to the theory that may have triggered a historic assassination: John F Kennedy’s alleged plan to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union.

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22 Comments on “Did The Deep State Eliminate JFK To Protect UFO Secrets? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence”

  1. No they whacked him for wanting to dismantle C.I.A among other political views. And as to aliens the first galaxy with a planet and star that could support life is 1,400 light years from earth, with the speed of light being 186,000 miles per second the odds are zero for alien contact.

  2. No. JFK was murdered for trying to abolish the privately owned "Federal Reserve" To suggest it was anything else is misinformed fake news. He died protecting Americans from the slavery of eternally paying interest on their own money.

  3. Nah he wuz gonna shut down the MIC N THE CIA coz they were making too much money off the misery of the world 😩✌️

  4. From my understanding I do not think that we have been able to view far universe real time or we may have this ability I do not know for sure. I am basing my claim on not having the ability to view universe real time——> we have not explored the entire universe which exists now, we have explored the universe from 13.8 billion light years ago. It took light 13.8 billion light years to get here it is like seeing a photograph of universe from 13.8 billion light years ago and alot can happen in 13.8 billion Light years ago so we truly haven't explored even 1 light year. Say even if the boundaries of the universe stretch by 1 inch now it would still take 1 billion light years for us to know.

  5. Time travelers went back in time and assassinated Kennedy to set up a new timeline.
    The reason? Kennedy did reveal to the world the existence of UFOs and the alien presence in our time and space.
    Unfortunately it had a disastrous result. Not unlike the movie Children of Men, society collapsed and war on every continent broke out and eventually nukes were used. Humanity descended and fell and would have eventually died out in another few hundred years.
    This is why we will never know the truth of what happened. The truth is outside of our time and space.

  6. Nah. He was about to end the privately owned federal reserve bank.

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