Dire Warning Issued Ahead Of June Pentagon Report On UFO's / Alien Contact

“UFOs could pose a threat to America’s national security'”- Capitol Hill lawmakers issue dire warning after classified briefing ahead of Pentagon’s highly anticipated report on unidentified flying objects (set to be released sometime this June) DAILYMAIL.COM

“Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle,” Rep. Tim Burchett warned after the briefing.

Maybe a ‘close encounter of the third kind’ isn’t so far off from happening, this news report concludes.



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  1. (Cartesian Realism) According with Pentagon Report (tictac-ufos; not from the Earth): Since it's not from any country on the planet Earth, it belongs to some other civilisation(s). This historical reality should be inspiring intellectual people, artists of all kinds, those whom are able to envision some other way of living. Some other way to progress, as a civilisation of many people living together on this planet. Reorienting priorities where the needs are the greatest instead of pilling up trash everywhere. Innovations toward contributing to the ecosystem while enjoying from it. Build the Future; Make this planet Great! – ThumbsUp!!

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