Director Mark Monroe & Historian Greg Eghigian, PhD, talks about new Showtime docuseries 'UFO'

With recent reports that the Pentagon is taking sightings of UFOs seriously making headlines, a new docuseries called “UFO” is premiering on Showtime. Join Washington Post Live to hear from Mark Monroe, one of the series’ directors, and Greg Eghigian, a Pennsylvania State University history professor and one of the experts featured in the series, as they explore the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, examine why the U.S. government often prefers to keep some information secret and learn what we currently know about UFOs. Join the conversation on Thursday, August 5 at 4:00pm ET.

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5 Comments on “Director Mark Monroe & Historian Greg Eghigian, PhD, talks about new Showtime docuseries 'UFO'”

  1. Unfortunately….. We're not about to get any straight answers from the Government. Because all we got from that June report was 😴💤 Our Gov't won't even be direct and honest about just simple topics. We get half or a quarter of the truth from the Government. The only way we'll get anything close to the truth is when the Extraterrestrials themselves announce without the Gov't assisting with their announcement.

  2. This interview was a big disappointment. That last question trying to make some connection between what she calls "anti-science thinking" regarding COVID and the growing acceptance of the UFO phenomena was cringeworthy. They should have had Jacqueline Alemany do the interview. She seems to have a greater knowledge on the UFO topic.

  3. I'm not sure that keeping the pressure over the US Government will get us any further acknowledgement of the whole truth about the UFO Phenomena. All that footage that they've uncovered to us since 2017 looks like kid's toys when compared to what is classified (which is actually huge!). The releasing of those tic-tacs & gimbals was just strategically planned for keeping all the tax payers' funding machine at full spin fueling their more than 900 US military bases all over the world with their high-tech AI drones swarm raids and whatnot. And meanwhile they keep China, Russia etc. busy trying to figure out what the hell are those UAPs and who are the actual darn source of them. So, Avi Loeb is right, while NASA for example is carrying out their joint research with the army and the air force, Project Galileo set forth their own private scientific research on the subject of UFOs using no money from us the tax payers. Let us see which of them come across first with all the truth to the public!

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