DISCLOSURE: Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP's) with Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer has been investigating the UFO phenomenon for several decades. His work can be seen in documentaries such as “Unacknowledged”, and the popular Gaia series “Disclosure” http://bit.ly/DrGreer_PresentsDisclosure Check out https://www.gaia.com/the5thkind for more!

In this series, Dr.Greer: documents many startling revelations into the UFO Cover-up, covert operations and exposes the underground military industrial complex; A shadow organisation secretly conducting “black budget ops” and “Unacknowledged special access projects”- highly compartmentalised and operated on a strictly “need to know” basis.

These projects facilitate the Development of advanced technologies that remain undisclosed to the public.

Dr Greer Believes that the information being withheld is of such importance, that if it was ever leaked; The world would change within a generation. And that this developed; classified technology has the potential to solve humanitarian, energy and climate based crisis on a global scale.

At the same time, the release of such technologies would destroy many multi-billion dollar industries and cooperation’s . Facilitating humanity with the means to become self sufficient,away from a system of financial governance and control. So for that reason; among others, it remains buried within a maze of secrecy.

Many military officials, High ranking politicians and even Presidents have been denied access to investigate these Clandestine programs…

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30 Comments on “DISCLOSURE: Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP's) with Dr. Steven Greer”

  1. Most people are passed the ? of are Aliens real. I want to know why they're here & why are we suppressing tech that could change the world. Time to overthrow the sick elite

  2. Eventually theyll b a conflict between real UFOs and all governments. Uh our governments dont stand a chance. Thats that second coming the bible talks about jesus is an alien and wont take no for an answer from our leaders.

  3. No mather how you look at it these thugs are stealing from the American people.These funds aren't being used for the betterment of mankind.This stolen money is developing space vehicles to accommodate this secret government and their chosen few.We sure as heck are not going to be included if they find another earth.

  4. Guys we are in trouble and as long as you think democrat or Republican we will continue to be…were screwed

  5. Dr. Greer,you ask people to believe you because you are a doctor? Because you prove to be smart isn't proof on this subject you know more than even me,a former 'Green Beret'.Learn a fact you can only guess at by only asking to be shown the proof.

  6. Thank you Steven Greer and Paul Wallis. Everything you do is one more way that gets out a most important information that we are all needing.

  7. I wonder if this "UFO" matter is leaked false information just to cover up the corruption and bribes inside US government and army and in the end people like Dr. Grear are used to distract peoples attention.

  8. 13:17 that's right, enormous problem bc they suppressed everything instead of embracing it thereby causing issues of secrecy and creation of going in the wrong direction which has exponentially created other problems and so on… like he's referring to at 13:30

  9. So of all those people he's been in meetings with, he's the only one don't so, or supposedly not killed.

  10. 13:20 exactly an "enormous problem" bc the govt screwed up by suppressing so much AND making so many dependent on certain commodities. They just need to let it all out and let the world figure it out on its own as it should've long time ago.

  11. I am so confused… I don’t know what is good or bad anymore. I don’t know what is real and what isn’t. I do not know if the information I find can be trusted or not. There is so much secrecy, manipulation and superchery… I feel like none of it left is pure. I feel like finding the truth is more and more irrelevant… and that makes me feel powerless. How am I suppose to find anything hopeful, in a land of desolation? None of all this matters no more, for we dont have enough time. We must stop digging for what crime and what injustice was done, we must stop exposing and pointing fingers… this doesnt serve us anymore. We must start rebuilding and comming together again, we must get up and leave. Leave this dimension behind.

  12. If you can understand why CERN has mixed eastern mysticism with science and technological research, you will understand better things like this…..

    God Bless

  13. Steven Greer you live in a dictatur if your people not can say now to so mutch tax without to know what you get for theese money.
    In a democracy the people have right to know. How can you vote to the election
    if you not know what each candidate vil do with the tax moneys. In Denmark we are very happy with our democracy, we know what every cent are used for, and we say no if the goverment will use some money to things the people not want. Long live our democracy.
    2.something trillion $ to what?
    your people have to know to what the money eksactly are used for if you live in a democracy.

  14. Nobody is giving anything to Earth. We have to make it ourselves. They say they are not allowed to implicate themselves as first directive bla bla bla. Well they implicate themselves from the beginning and play with us all the time. There is no hero alien coming to save us. Wake up we have to save ourselves

  15. Way too many industrial complexes, fuel, electricity, communications, pharma, transportation ….all ruling and directing the planetary human herd…for monetary gain and planetary control….

  16. Steve are you sure it's not EMP not emg you get an emg for your muscles and emp is for propulsion?

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