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  1. This report is like going on date after date after date with the same chick wondering when she's gone give it up & then when it finally comes down to it she changes her mind after getting you all worked up & says, "I just don't think it's the right time", then goes & sleeps with your best friend.


  2. Faulty radar equipment, military funded projects and privately funded projects. The term UFO means Unidentified Flying OBJECTS. It does not mean little green men in flying saucers. Psychiatrists would call this mass hysteria and mania. Seek professional psychiatric help and get over it.

  3. I beginning to think this dude's a FUCKN TOOL LIKE THE REST. Just here to stroke it but not finish the job.

  4. please stop giving this guy air time. They will never admit to anything. The reason is because the religious community is afraid their precious lie will no longer be followed. We have been visited for thousands of years. The proof is all over the globe.

  5. I wonder what the "classified" version has in it. Knowing they have satellite photos of these events. Over 20+ years of ISS observations. I'm sure the classified version Is the one we all want to see.

  6. To the anchors who are smiling and laughing about this… STOP! This is serious shit. Act serious. Demand answers!

  7. Jeremy is a scam artist that rides the coattails of other people's experiences. How about get someone that really knows what they're talking about like third phase of the moon or Gufon, not this phuckkboy

  8. UFO, UAF, topic aside, this guy is a bit strange, weird, a bit creepy , side side note : he reminds me of Papa Smurf

  9. If the government did know anything they would never tell you you people are fooling yourself if you think the government would say yes it's aliens or it's a secret aircraft we've developed hint we don't want to let our adversaries know we have it come on don't be stupid good luck trying to figure this out you'll believe it when one lands in your yard and then you'll know what it is until then keep watching the skies till your neck gets sore.

  10. Not progress it's still a cover up basically nothing ‼️ six months! Bullsh*t government has been studying and suppressing the reality of UFOs/UAPs for over 70 years

  11. Disappointing nothing report. 143 remain a mystery? What about all the sightings since the 40's , there have been decades of sightings and they only bring up 143. We won't see anything else news worthy on this subject coming from that department. They handed us a ridiculous report to shut us up and tell us to screw ourselves this all the information you are getting no matter how hard you try.Look the other way people so we can continue operate the USAP's in the shadows , and with your tax payer 💰 really sad ☹️

  12. To Fox News: Please try your best to stay up to date on this topic, the most important news ever in history. Updates and leaks and new info is coming fast every day it seems now. As you know, a former colleague of former undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon and former Aatip Pentagon program head Luis Elizondo has already stated on the KROQ radio show that there are and have been for a long time now hundreds of U.S. beyond top secret government operatives who have already been having direct one on one contact with some of these alien and/or interdimensional beings.
    Furthermore, retired U. S. Navy Chief Master at Arms Sean Cahill has already made it abundantly crystal clear that these craft exhibit technologies that are at least 100 to 1000 years or more beyond even the absolute best top secret human technology (and have been seen since the 1920's and even documentation of events like this going back even further in time than that) and Luis Elizondo have already openly admitted bravely and courageously that the government has known about these craft and events going back at least 71 years and in some cases a lot further back in time than that, and that the US government almost certainly has recovered UFO crash debris and craft and materials in its possession.
    And, famous gov't scientist Eric Davis and some of his colleagues have already made official classified statements to closed door sessions of Congress that this technology being seen and recorded for many decades is off-world technology.

    And: former AAtip head Mr. Elizondo has already made it clear on the Mystery Wire news event that these technologies represent a type of tech that is well beyond even the best human made technology and that the government is aware of that for a long time also.

    And: It is now as of yesterday coming out to the public some official military documents showing U.S. Military Generals talking in written documents openly about these same type of UFO events and craft from back in 1947, which completely throws out entirely the even extremely remote and frankly ridiculous idea that these types of technologies were originally designed and developed by humans or that they could ever possibly be drones or illusions, birds, balloons, lightning balls, gas, refracted light, satellites, etc..

    Also there are at least one member of the mainstream science community and another who is also a famous scientist and famous in academia who have in the past week openly admitted that #1: a Jet Propulsion Labs scientist has admitted that these craft are most likely not human and are most likely interdimensional craft. and #2: Scientist Sam Harris has said that he and others in elite levels of academia and the scientific community, who for decades have ridiculed and humiliated anyone who talked about aliens, are getting under the table and quiet/secret extra footage and data to show them that this is all most likely not human in origin at all, and that they are trying now behind the scenes to figure out how to handle this and how to talk bout it to the global public and how to handle the fact that many people over many decades have been trying to talk about it but have been put down and dismissed and now it turns out that obviously they shouldn't have been. Please to all good journalists and news shows, try to keep up. This is the biggest news story ever and you and everyone else should rightfully be doing the truthful and ethical humanitarian thing and talk about this round the clock 24/7…thank you sincerely in advance from all peace loving humans around the world who've been screaming into the wind for many decades if not longer to try to make the powers that be admit the truth that we have never been alone. 🙂

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