Documents prove the US has tracked Tic Tac Type UFOS for more than 70 years

Documents prove the US has tracked Tic Tac Type UFOS for more than 70 years – NOT Chinese or Russian!



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18 Comments on “Documents prove the US has tracked Tic Tac Type UFOS for more than 70 years”

  1. As an irony Elizondo approached a dangerous part of the truth ! Will have the courage to speak about thousands of billions dollars that are missing of US treasury, how the Nazis gained power with Cabal imposes USA political and economic agenda, NASA's secret projects, alien clones facilities,secret technologies which are not for ordinary people and other 'mistery'. Tey raised the snake on the breast and it seems they got rid of it and it seems that it has become dangerous ! Good luck,you will need!

  2. What I don't get is why this guys trying to take all the credit about UFO now when we got people doing this for 40 years 🤯🤯🤯😩😩😩😩 am not talking about you UFO man I mean is Luis Alisando

  3. While Tucker Carlson interviews a known fake in “ufogoly”, Fox didn’t carry President Trump’s speech…wow

  4. Omg I am so sick of it all!!! I’ve been a ufologist for 10 years as I feel I know more than this guy he’s a joke! Extraterrestrials are and always been here on earth 🌍 just a large increase of activity in the last 5 years there is so much proof out there #wakeup

  5. Lue is the man!! He’s doing this for all of us people.
    it’s aliens , he knows it , WE know it , now it’s time the Pentagon just ADMIT it!!!

  6. Why does it have to be a country how come you can't just be some rich person. I could build a plasma generator that levitate for about 1000 bucks. If I had a used engine I could do it for 500. This is ridiculous in Lou Alexandria does not know for sure that these are not military. They say they're not black ops but did they say they're not deep black. They won't confirm anything especially The disappearance of Malaysian air flight 370

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