9 Comments on “Donut UFO Over Ogden, Utah On July 15, 2021, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. ผมเคยเจอบ่อย แต่หลายปีแล้ว แบบนี้ไม่น่าใช่

  2. Why’s re these always like 10 second clips? Like show the whole video. No way to judge how authentic it is without context of my this random person had their phone out/on…. And where did the object go?

  3. Similar "donut" shaped objects have recently been reported and captured on amateur video in the UK, Germany & Poland. There are other U.S. reports & videos of such objects above Utah & Texas during July 2021.

  4. That’s Randy’s Donuts in Los Angles advertising his new types of donuts! Jk but if that isn’t just freaky I don’t know what is! Great 👍 find Scott!

  5. On the fence with this one. It moves like an RC plane does, so that makes me think right away maybe a drone. Then the camera pans out and it's moving pretty quick. Doesn't seem to have any means of propulsion as well. So, idk.

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