Dozens Call to Report UFO Sighting After Spotting THIS Above Florida

People across Florida took to social media earlier this week to share videos of what appeared to be a large fireball streaking across the night sky, causing many to speculate it was a meteorite, space debris or even a UFO.

Witnesses described it as a brightly burning, elongated, double meteor that lasted between 30 and 45 seconds.

The American Meteorological Society eventually confirmed that it was, in fact, the remains of a Chinese CZ3 rocket body that was launched in January 2019.

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33 Comments on “Dozens Call to Report UFO Sighting After Spotting THIS Above Florida”

  1. Whahahah the boom mic with mic stand was long time invented whahaha LOL!😝

  2. Meanwhile on the island of Saipan. They are saying Chinese are testing their missile. Why on U.S. territory? With COVID-19 going on and the curfew we have to follow, this happens again. This time, I didn’t witness it with my own eyes.

  3. They are small asteroids falling to earth, I see it every night here in Portugal.

  4. That's a falling star. I used to see em alot. That's not alien activity. Look up other falling stars and they all look the same. Its just space debris.

  5. In norwich uni smoking something out the window
    Looking at the stars
    Three in particular were sort of bright
    I didnt realise as i gazed they were slowy changing direction and dotted into a triangle formation
    Just so i wasnt flipping i called my roomate he also couldnt belive it
    These lights in that formation then started rotating eventually all three dispersed away from each other and continued
    So damn strange

  6. It looks like a kite, maybe tube kite w LEDs attached.. pretty cool though

  7. Chinese cz3 rocket body falling to earth. read the description folks!

  8. isn't that a rocket that has it's exhaust luminescenting (word?) glowing from the sun setting trail lsd type thing experience it!!! 🙂 I'm a weirdo. I can't get my mind around how far it is to Alpha Centauri !!!

  9. Funny thing, this same thing was seen last night in Florida. What you guys smoking over there???

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