Dr.Greer on Fox News – Explaining Pentagon Released UFO Video

Re-released from Pentagon UFO files a video of an object flying at remarkable speeds. Leading ET insider and Government Disclosure Activist Dr.Steven Greer explains the video sighting.

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4 Comments on “Dr.Greer on Fox News – Explaining Pentagon Released UFO Video”

  1. If all is revealed then what; Dr. Greer would need a new career ? Dr. Greer has been hashing over the same topics for a very long time with no results, perhaps his agenda is the same as our shadow governments.

  2. holy crap, greer just ignores her question, she expects he would talk about the objects, and greer just talks about "that movie" 5th kind blabla, HIS movie, and then next question.. he begins to talk about his disclosure project.. that man wants soo hard to be relevant , but he is just not important anymore. pushing his agenda, talking trash.

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