Drone News: Drone/Helo near miss. UFO or drone? FAA/AUVSI Symposium Recap (incl. Remote ID update)

This week in Drone News: A near miss between a drone and a police helicopter in Tusla, OK. A video submitted by one of our students showing a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). And a length recap of the AUVSI/FAA Symposium including Remote ID information from the FAA’s Jay Merkel and Administrator Dickson, the newly announced FAA Drone WINGS (or Drone PROPS) program and other things.

Helicopter coming too close : 00:54
Drone-UFO : 02:44
FAA : 3:56

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Near-miss between drone and police Helicopter
Captured in Tulsa during a procession.
Looks like an inspire 2 heading toward a helicopter and getting prop washed.

Drone or UFO?
Breanna, who is one of our graduates (98% on the exam!!) shared this video she took from her backyard.
Thought it was firework at first.
Then after a while, the lights shut off. She said the lights also turned blue at one point.

FAA/AUVSI Symposium
Jay Merkle: Final Ruling is pretty much done, going through the review stage before release to the public.
FAA Administrator Dickson: “service providers”
WINGS Program for Drone Pilots
182k remote pilots as of 7/1/20
Shoutout to Kevin Morris, the FAA Drone Guy, and the team of other FAA inspector including John, who I know watches every week!


27 Comments on “Drone News: Drone/Helo near miss. UFO or drone? FAA/AUVSI Symposium Recap (incl. Remote ID update)”

  1. Let's see, Amazon and Verizon has the money, they make the rules…. I'm sure they can retrain all those delivery drivers. With lots of 100+ lb drones flying NLOS over moving vehicles, houses, crashing into wires, etc, while delivering tube socks, they will quickly realize that they have to limit their liability. Expect a move from the delivery people to go to Congress (if they haven't done so already) and attempt to limit their crash liability. I can see potential serious injuries/worse, from their directly caused fires, crashes, etc from either their liquid fueled or battery driven vehicles, resulting in serious law suits. We may and probably will, end up with insurance riders on our property to cover their mistakes. At least I won't have to worry about running into any of them. Once they force my overhead up higher, with this new system, I won't be able to afford to do the low margin jobs that mostly fill the current market. I guess I need to start selling drones now.

  2. "Service Providers" I'm afraid that our 53000 FAA Comments went into the trash barrel and not even 1 read….! =) I AM NOT PAYING OUT MONEY TO NO DAMN SERVICE PROVIDER…..!!!!! WTF..?

  3. The lights could have been LumeCube, Firehouse or LiraTorch. They looked pretty big so maybe not the Firehouse ones. I don't think LumeCube has blue ones so not sure if those would have been the same as the red ones. You can set the lights for on or two rates of flashing/strobes. I use the Firehouse ones because they're small but very bright so it helps see which direction it's facing. Better than the ones built into the drone legs/arms.

  4. Helicopters come in fast and furious. Definitely something to watch for. They can pop up unexpectedly from behind or over a hill.

  5. Hey Greg, I just had a quick question! Would the FAA Written PPL testing centers still be open during this pandemic? Or did the FAA come up with an online testing method?

  6. All drone pilots MUST unite and REVOLT against the FAA by REFUSING to comply. I'm not going to pay the FAA one red cent to have third party's collect my data so that they can resell it for even more profit. I'll fly my current drones in the future to avoid this RemoteID regulation. It's clear that the RemoteID proposal was a big FU to the drone community..it's now time to give the FAA a big FU in return. Keep in mind that even if the subscription fees are low to start with they will only increase over time….just like cable fees…they used to be $20 a month and now they are over $100 – 200/mo. We are losing our freedoms in this country.

  7. Hello Greg, I ve been busy but I did pass my exam. So with the remote id, do you think there will be a payload we can attach to UAS that we already own?

  8. Keep in mind that the FAA's RemoteID proposal will force all drone manufacturers of "intelligent drones" who want to their products in the USA to include a virtual "kill switch" in the drone to prevent you from taking off if you aren't in compliance (i.e. no connection with the service provider no flight )….hence my comment below about flying my older drones if I have to thwart the FAA. This is really BIG BROTHER in the worst way! What's next?!?

  9. Greg, thanks for the info on what is going to happen to our ability to fly if we don't have an internet connection. I would love to hear more about that… great job, as usual.

  10. Thanks for the updates from the Symposium. The thing about the potential need for an Internet connection is even worse than the concern about the amount of data needing to be sent. It’s a complete show stopper for people who fly in areas without any Internet service. And even if it’s just a radio broadcast, it’s unlikely there’ll be a facility nearby to receive it. So if this goes the way that’s been described, our drones won’t even take off, or if they do, they’ll be limited to a really small flying area. 🙁

  11. It doesn't sound like the FAA really cared about our comments. Why is it whenever something good comes up, the government has to step in and ruin it. I definitely agree in proper education. But I think the FAA really intends to take away most flying of the common remote pilot.

  12. Hi Greg,

    Remote ID is a problem that is really a concern in the future. A real immediate threat is with states and municipalities making it practically illegal to launch/land in any where.
    I got my first COA for an Airspace Space Waiver (manually since PHNG is still without LAANC) yesterday, yay. You might think that would make me happy, and, to a point, it does. However, when you research local launch and land laws, you can't practically legally fly anywhere interesting on O'ahu.

    There are 20 State Parks on O'ahu that restrict launch/land. https://tinyurl.com/yblu2ord A few of them aren't really worth flying anyway and the others I guess you can launch/land just outside their borders. https://tinyurl.com/yaxycgz7
    Then it gets worse when you look at the Honolulu laws. You can't
    "(d) Except in park areas specifically designated for such purposes, it is unlawful for any person to:

    (2) Engage in model airplane flying;" by the definitions of the ordinance, " “Public park” means any park, park roadway, playground, athletic field, beach, beach right-of-way, …"
    (and I'm guessing they'll use that to apply to drones even though it's not in the definitions of that law) from any City Park. Would you like to guess what includes? Beach Parks which entirely encircle the whole of the island. https://tinyurl.com/y7bn4ve6
    Basically, any video you've seen the O'ahu coastline was probably taken illegally in one way or another unless it was taken from private beach property or some secret road or a boat where one can still maintain some modicum of LoS.
    I know it's happening all over the world. The real problem is that in three years, Remote ID might not even be an issue because it will illegal fly everywhere.

  13. Thinking about buying a drone (air 2) for the first time. If the ruling say non compliant drones have 3 years to comply what does that really mean? that you can fly for 3 years as you would right now. The total implementation would take place at the 3 year point? Or somewhere in those 3 years you would only be able to fly in the designated jail space.

  14. Thanks for your dedication to the drone community and for sharing the information with us, Greg. Much appreciated!

  15. Interesting that the blame went immediately to the UAS operator "that drone almost hit the helicopter". What if the UAS operator had received clearances, was licensed, and was there to take newsworthy footage? The UAS looked to be under 400', however, the helicopter did appear to be under 500'. Maybe the helicopter was taking off from a nearby airport? If not, it certainly looked like a populated area; what happened to aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 feet to any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure? Obviously, I dont know the whole story , but its definitely not clear to me that the UAS operator was at fault.

  16. Hey Greg, I just had one more quick question. I have been looking into the PPL Online Course of yours and I can't wait to get started. I was thinking about my future in aviation and I came across a question. After getting your Airline license would going to a regional airline be a feeder into a legacy airline? For instance would flying for envoy allow a pilot to fly for American once that pilot has built more experience?

  17. Does an engineer utilizing a drone, inspecting parts of the plant at which they work for problems on private property, have to be a registered commercial drone pilot?

  18. Hola,necesito ayuda e estoy volviendo loca me gustaria si usted me puede ayudar a comprar un dron que detecte otro dron para comprar ya que usted sabe mucho de drones soy mujer sola porfavor no me innore porque este dro esta en mi atico y en las madrtugada me da rayos y vibracion en mi cabeza y me ve cuan me banoy me maltrata me da cantaszo is like a laycer dron lo que puedo ver es 3:am cuadros blancos ,en mi cuarto,como redondo tiene luz y camina, se me te en mi atico an d bien pequeno se que este dron es bien caro puedo sentir la vibracion toda las noche en mi cabeza meda leycer durante el DG ia meda vibraciion cuando me paso la mano por mi cabeza sale como un laycerveo como un pequeno rayo blanco como los rayo que usted ve cyandon llueve somothing like so I nered some help so if you merecomienda uno que puede detectar otro dron para comprar lo ,he llamado la policia pero las fotos que tengo son como bien brilloso y bribrantes I nesecito evidencia nocomi es layser las foto lo lo puede detectar quisa otro dron quiero saber si me recvomienda cual👗👜👠👍😓😓😓😓

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