47 Comments on “Drone UFO on Fox News! 20 March 2008”

  1. he definately is correct, jesus was a real guy and in fact our entire belief system is based on ufos. they definately existed throughout history, the greeks AND aztecs used to say the gods walked among them. this was the ufos showing them their technology, how to farm how to build… you cant dismiss this stuff as 'weather balloons' or 'military operations' this is real, over 2 million people report seeing ufos. these are not hoaxes

  2. lmao, im not that far out of my mind, im still sane enough to understand they arent alive, but really now, how do you interpret a ufo? they called them 'pillars of fire' and 'clouds of smoke' that guided them. what would you call a helicopter 1000 years ago? most religions talk about 'the shining ones' or 'men of the sky' how do you possibly think thats a hoax? its in every religion lol

  3. Well said mate! These "UFologists" are nothing more than nob headed train spotters, trying to rip people off with all this crap. It's blatantly CGI, (And not very good!) Why didn't these two stupid twats realise that? The answer is that they indeed did, but perpetuated the farse to gain fame. It's hilarious reading the comments from people who want to believe in this shit. It's like going back to ancient Babylon and laughing at them for believing in God etc. Good comment mate.

  4. it is a governamental project, fearfull people. damn… dont you think russia is too quiet? think about this for a sec..

  5. actually its like they said, its neither been proven fake or authentic. thought some others have claimed to have sited similar vehicles. I personally don't think its a coincidence that scientists are now discovering worlds orbiting other stars, last count was almost 200 that I am aware of. odds are that on one of those worlds lives something or someone else. and if they have a technological head start of maybe just 1,000 years, who's to say they couldn't build something like that….

  6. ok like i said its always area 51 UFO's is all area 51 read more and stop goverment just want us to see this

  7. Imagine the mass panic that would take over if the government admitted not only that they exist but that they had been hiding the truth for years and years, it's safer for them that they keep it a secret.

  8. they are not UFOs they are milltary aircraft UFO is a good cover so your enemy does not know what it is

  9. what makes you think that then, who knows if we are the only ''things'' in the universie, it is a big place you know

  10. i know they are but they think are scientist who have all the answers, why do you think that the gouverment and nasa are keeping things secrets so we dont find out until they know for sure what they are but all them annoying reporters are jumping to conclusion thinking the worst all the time when most of the time its not true

  11. yes there is life where did the schematics come from either a celestial being or a government worker. good hoax if it is a hoax. I saw a pick of an engine and symbols. some type of field engine creating a current creating a field possibly gravitational field. Understand fields and it will be revealed. Have we figured out the process of our own magnetic field? how the moon churns the liquid core of our planet as well as the oceans. as well as our proximity to the sun and other planets creating

  12. volcano's when two bodies are in direct proximity creating stronger currents in the liquid core as well as setting off volcano's and what not. common knowledge I think. Anyway we should build our own real UFO's understand how our planet works and unlimited opportunities are possible. Anyway I could build a ufo with enough money and scientist in the right fields. easy to make understanding your own solar system and electromagnetic force and it's a hop skip and a jump. neat little video

  13. no aliens aren't real because you say so and u know everything about the universe tell me am I real? two planetary bodies in proximity to a g2 type star givin the right distance from thier g2 star even possible A- K type stars givin the right distance and two stellar bodies with rotation creating a strong current in the core creating a powerful mag field holding in atmosphere and life. 60 million plus type stars and planetary bodies in that range. your egocentric bubble is going to pop real soon

  14. Is it a coincidence that it looks EXACTLY like the cgi alien ships from the supreme commander game ? This shit is fake.

  15. They kept talking about a single photo, but they showed several photos of several variant designs, which tends to reduce the credibility of the TV show it was from.
    UFOs certainly exist, but having seen a bunch of videos of this and similar "UFOs", I'm fairly certain none are anything more than models, artwork or CGI.

  16. fake fake all is fake
    all videos are fake
    no other possibility – all time fake
    can't read your comments anymore, sorry folks

  17. I Don't know? I have seen some photo's online that goes back to the late 1960 in a different country, and late 1980's of the same drone.

  18. It's funny how alien craft have become more complicated looking the more our own technology has advanced. Still, people will fall for this sort of thing. If I hear hooves on the street, it must be a zebra. To conclude that it's just a horse would be too boring!

  19. way to go air force, lets get this tech cheap and safe and to the american public. We need the jobs and a new form of transportation to build. I wonder if its just "charging up?"

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