Earth Magnetic Pulse , UFO on STEREO? -no | S0 News Sep.13.2016

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48 Comments on “Earth Magnetic Pulse , UFO on STEREO? -no | S0 News Sep.13.2016”

  1. so………..the mystery of the strange Earth noises might be solved. For some reason Ben I thought you would have a good explanation.

  2. Thanks for taking your time to respond to my post earlier this morning. Was curious on your thoughts about the faa cams in Alaska showing many strange looking planets. Do you believe they are flares as well. I know I'm off topic however I'd like your take on this. Thanks

  3. Regarding the ringing noises heard on Earth, I know having the internet has made the occurrences more publicized, but were they happening before? Or do we think this is something new happening? Because if your explanation of possible reasoning for them is right, it seems there would be a history of those sounds being heard throughout history wouldn't there? I have never heard of such things happening before, except for what I've seen on the internet which is more recent. IS there a lengthy history of such unexplained sounds do you think? I love that you are addressing these, because I have been quite curious what's going on that's causing this phenomenon.

  4. Ben,thanks for the clarification. That is unless "they" have got their thumb on you,too ! I don't like most labels (sorry for this) nor a name caller. But you sir are what is called a "NO FEAR MONGER", I hope you carry that moniker for many more years to come. Keep up the good work and the good fight too. Uh, unless you can't speak out the truth because they have got you by the shorty hairs. Then I'd understand. PeaceOrElse.

  5. On this date in History – September 13,
    1788 – New York City becomes 1st capital of US
    1922 – 136.4°F (58°C), El Aziziyah, Libya in shade (world record) The record stood for 90 years until the World Meteorological Organization announced in 2012 that it found the 1922 numbers to be invalid.
    1927 – 700 were killed and the towns of Kojima and Nakamura near Nagasaki, Japan were destroyed by a typhoon and its tremendous storm surge
    1945 – The shortest time period between freezes in Cheyenne, WY was set on this day with a low of 30°. The last Spring freeze of that year was on June 18th, thus making the period between freezes just 86 days
    1956 – IBM introduces the first computer disk storage unit, the RAMAC 305
    1959 – USSR's Luna 2 becomes 1st probe to contact another celestial body
    1961 – Unmanned Mercury-Atlas 4 launched into Earth orbit
    1970 – IBM announces System 370 computer
    1975 – -27] Hurricane Eloise, kills 71 in Caribbean & US
    1978 – 1st flight of McDonnell Douglas F-18A Hornet
    1988 – Hurricane Gilbert smashed into the Cayman Islands, and as it headed for the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico strenghtened into a monster hurricane, packing winds of 175 mph. The barometric pressure at the center of Gilbert reached 26.13 inches (888 mb), an all-time record for any hurricane in the Carribean, Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean. Gilbert covered much of the Gulf of Mexico, producing rain as far away as the Florida Keys.
    1989 – Unseasonably cool weather prevailed over the Central Plains, with record lows of 29° at Scottsbluff & Valentine, NE and 34° at Denver, CO
    1994 – Space probe Ulyssus passes south pole of Sun
    1999 – Hurricane Floyd on the verge of Category 5 status steamed steadily westward about 250 miles east of Miami. Forecasters warned that Floyd was much more dangerous than 1992's Hurricane Andrew due to its size
    2001 – Civilian aircraft traffic resumes in the U.S. after the September 11, 2001 attacks.
    2008 – Hurricane Ike makes landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast of the United States, causing heavy damage to Galveston Island, Houston and surrounding areas
    2012 – 33,000 people are evacuated after Guatemala's Volcano of Fire erupts

  6. I've been following you Ben – for a number of years now – back when you had 4 minute news.  I swear – sometimes I think I follow you just so I can hear someone say no fear – be safe!    Well, also love all the info we get from you.

  7. Only way to evaluate odd phenomena is to call out wrong assumptions. Good call on fake ufo, one reason I love this channel. Not to say that some things really are "unidentified".

  8. Ben, A plausible explanation is justified but criticizing someone for making an observation and openly asking questions and asking for opinions is not a good thing. I expect better of you. Give a explanation why something is happening and leave it at that. Doing anymore is bringing yourself down. I always thought that science was to discover and still ask why something might be so. To always be looking for reasons beyond what might be obvious. Cheers.

  9. +Suspicious0bservers I have watched this channel before 2012. I question everything before believing…most of the information you get is from the government right? How can you be sure the information they give isn't false as well? Just a thought….

  10. After watching Cosmic Disclosure today with Corey Goode and David Wilcock on, I think the closing statement could perhaps be changed from "Stay safe everyone" to "Be good to each other everyone" — safe won't mean much once we get the big CME blasts our planet — but the frequency/resonance of love will make all the difference. Peace, Love & Light to All earth beings (and beyond!). Don't feed the Fear! Namaste.

  11. Very little talk in the report about the South Korean earthquakes (5.1 and 5.8 repectively, and lowballed by the USGS as usual) considering the latter was the largest since they began recording them in 1974. I guess they don't fit into Ben's model?

  12. you (suspiciousobservers)seem very intelligent so what is your take on all these ufos around the sun??? do you think they are real?

  13. If these small magnetic creates ringing, can you imagine the sound of a massive event? One that creates a "squatting man" above our heads? They must sound like a deafening trumpet, like the seven described in the bible and catastrophes that follow.

  14. Ben I live in Bolton in the UK and we noticed widespread electrical failure. Some of my appliances are actually broken now. Is there any chance these Earth magnetic pulses could have emitted an EMP?

  15. Dumbass, is there a telescope that is a size of a planet? Please dont be so stupid that you can sell that drama lol

  16. dollar bill $teve,hypocrite Wayne , and nutjob Potter showed their true
    colors tonight. In an attempt to regain credibility, they produced a 45
    minute,bumbling damage control video that hurt their reputation even
    further They had no answers,no explanations and admonished comments on
    their sites who dared question the veracity of their claims. Wayne
    finished with a self serving sermon stating that there was no need to
    resort to personal insults, attacks,use of language unbecoming  a
    professional, and a need to stop the madness with kindness and
    love.They  both had no problem laughing at Potter's ridiculous,
    paranoid, f bomb laced, tirade and at one point, threatening the desire
    to go to show up at a couple of these peoples homes.

  17. This is the first year I have heard about strange noises coming from the sky. If it was the magnetic field all along, why have we not heard these sounds before? Not that I think it is aliens or anything. Just doesn't seem consistent.

  18. in west cornwall, far west uk 13/09 last night a strange mechanical sound like distant machinery followed by sheet lightening and thunder spectacular of many hours duration.

  19. Wow see now that was  fast they are even shut me out at posting I  link they really must have it our for me bad ?

  20. What an a-hole! There's no such thing as a sun-diving comet??? What's the matter with you? Are you just being cryptic or what? Watch lecture by Nassim Haramein – these 'comets' are UFO's entering black holes on the sun – a portal in other words, for them to go elsewhere in the universe.

  21. 3 years watching first comment, the "No Fear" "Be Safe" is great but way more interesting (applause) when you add some debunking info to the program. To those like me who like this factual channel, and still see's a lot of garbage on other channels needs another angle to be exposed on , because sometimes we all want more information to believe on and turn to sources that sometimes just perhaps is plausible but more than likely crazy. Not everyone figures that one out unless they are awake.

  22. but why are some people being sarcastic about knee jerk commentors and idiot triggers? they exist by the billions and most of them whole heartedly believe all this bullshit other pages and channels post about it being aliens and shit. stop talking crap about SO.

  23. I'm curious though. All my life I have never heard strange sounds in the sky. Why now? And can you explain why the sun pulsing?

  24. " I'm just a guy sitting in my living room reading someone elses instruments which may or may not be accurate"

  25. your secchi image looks totally fake. you can see its been drawn. Show the real video of the plasma reaction in the parabolic lens

  26. Wondering both, why open with overlaid footage, of a momentary glimpse of stellar dust, activity, overlaying only, the very top, fervent surface of the energy well above the surface of the Sun?

    Perhaps, you'd correspond your interest in direct form, providing you with a bit, much greater access – that your view be greatly improved; and perhaps a few respectful tips?

    I would not be any greater than no one of consideration, however a keeper of the means known by every star gazer, from prior Pluto's cave of allegory and perhaps a bit later than has yet to be seen on the evening news. : )

  27. there are many places on earth not populated so we r not over populated at all the more ppl trained more money why cant u ppl work that out

  28. thank you for the explanations, I'm in AZ too and have been watching your channel for quite sometime, keep up the good work

  29. It's interesting that the internal telescope reflection looks just like the structures found in Japan and also on Mars. C. Jeff Dyrek, Polar Explorer, Webmaster, Disabled Vet.

  30. I'm glad I found this. That anomaly popped up on STEREO again and there's a few channel's calling it a UFO

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