Earthfiles News March 8, 2015: UAP/UFO Radiation Danger At RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge

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The Department of Defense’s Veterans Administration has made “De Facto Acknowledgement of the Existence of UFOs.” That announcement was in a February 22, 2015, press release about a breakthrough for retired USAF Tech Sgt. John Burroughs, who was “injured in the line of duty at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge” after exposure to UAP/UFO radiation. “Did VA Just Confirm UFO Dangers?” asked the Florida Herald-Tribune.


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  1. You should track down the soldier who also got injured from a UFO in Viet Nam. Sounds very similar to what happened to John Burroughs.

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  4. So did the military say the sickness was consistent with radiation but not radioactive?
    what kind then? radiowaves? microwaves? like radar damage. This is quite important

  5. A symbol on an object can appear to make it fly relative to the ground but it is never out of contact with the 'thought' and fabric that created it. The symbols are as close to a visual representation of the basic-thought upon which the Material Universe runs as one can understand.

  6. Hey Linda.. do you remember bieng in Dallas at a Genghis Grill a couple years back? I knew I recognized you but it didn't register at the time. I spoke to you as you came through the line but you just starred at me and said something very odd that didn't pertain to anything going on at that point in time. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.. unless I spoke to someone who looks alot like you and I am mistaken. You looked at me as if you knew something I didn't and called me by a name that meant nothing to me. And yet you seemed so sure in your actions. If possible I would like to know what you know.

  7. I don't trust anyone whose website is nothing but a huge advertisement for things they are attempting to sell. Crystals, books, videos, pictures etc. this thing isn't about money. It's not something you make a living at. It's something you do because it is right. Because you wish to get the info to as many people as possible. Cattle mutilations? Aliens? Really? Haven't we gotten to the point where we know that "aliens" from off planet is just another agenda they are trying to sell us? There are no off world aliens. They use cattle mutilations as another way to further their selling point. If they had the ability to cut these animals the way they do, fly them around using light beams, etc, why wouldn't they dispose of the carcass so no one would find them? Surely they'd have a way to do this? Instead of leaving them in a field for all to analyze and conclude it must be "aliens" doing it.

  8. "Aliens" are either future humans or inter dimensional beings from our planet. Or a combination of the two. None of which would reveal themselves to us or even allow us to know they exist. Cattle mutilations, crop circles, abductions, "greys", etc are all BS. Not saying people don't believe they were abducted for I'm sure they do. That's easy to do with mind control and memory implants. Crop circles? Since we are most likely 50 years ahead technologically speaking in secret, im sure those crop circles are easy to make. Same with cattle mutilations.

  9. BTW, there is no "outer space". We are either living on a "plane" a flat earth. Or this is just a simulated reality. Where other beings from other timelines and simulated realities can come and go.

  10. well well talk about crafty admission of a ufo at rendlesham and its good to hear about his health and benefits poor guy has done more than enough for a country the does not give a shit about its service men and women.

  11. No offense, I am a big fan of the Rendlesham encounter, but I call bullshit on this report. I think they are extrapolating conclusions not present in the evidence. Where does it say they are specifically approving his VA disability SPECIFICALLY because of what happened on those 3 nights. None of the stuff I have seen actually says that, but that is what LMH is implying. Also, there is zero proof that any of his health problems are related at all to those 3 nights in December 1980, and honestly there is literally ZERO way to prove any connection. There was no DEFACTO acknowledgement of anything. Not unless you are keeping the documents saying that secret and not sharing it with anyone. Because what has been released says absolutely nothing of the sort, and that is a blatant sensationalism of the facts. Also, the Condign report says absolutely nothing of the sort they are claiming. Nor does it confirm the facts of the incident as they put forth. It says that it is theoretically possible that UAPs (if they did exist) may give off some kind of radiation That if they did give off some form of radiation, it is theoretically possible that it could have effects on ones health. So if the Rendlesham event did occur as claimed by the witnesses (and I tend to think it mostly did), it would be a UAP event, and would be subject to the same theoretical possibilities as already outlined. IE, if the Rendlesham case was some UAP (which dont get me wrong, I think it was), then it is possible it could of gave off some radiation and if the radiation was strong enough or of a certain kind, then it could cause health That is not even remotely the same thing that LMH, Burroughs, His lawyer, everyone else,… has been putting out. What they are saying is an out right lie and distortion of the truth, unless they have some documents that are making explicit (non theoretical) statements stating such that they are keep secret from the world. I highly doubt his disability claim had anything to do with them saying he got injured by a UFO at Rendlesham in December 1980. As someone who is disabled my self, the inciting incident (if there is one) is really totally irrelevant. All that has to be demonstrated and proved is that you have medical proof (RECENT imaging studies, test, etc..) to back up your disability. Not what caused it. They certainly dont care about anything that happened over 30 years ago. In fact, they dont care about any medical records older then 6-12 months. They normally will only except recent medical records, demonstrating that you are currently disabled.So there is something very fishy with this whole disability claim story, and why he would even need records from that far back. It is stories like this that cause people to not take ufology seriously and that cause irreparable damage to the field with their blatant unscientific and tabloid journalism (if you can even call it journalism). Your better then this fraud your perpetrating LMH, and its stuff like this that are responsible for why no one takes you serious as a journalist or that evening saying 'science reporter' is a big stretch and causes many a laugh (although not as much as when Noory calls Hoagland a science consultant, that causes rofl cracking up around the world since its doubtful he even knows what that means). I think you have a lot of talent, and are a tenacious investigator, but you pander to the nut jobs and don't do enough rational critical thinking about what you choose report.

  12. The man could have died because the U.S. wants to try and keep people in the dark……too late, we already know about UFO'S, glad you are spreading this on youtube along with your other videos.

  13. I can't understand Bentwaters.I received the book Left turn at Eastgate and the conclusion that I was under, is that the nature of this unknown craft, is that it was an extra-scalier heavy matter spacecraft.From what I remember in the book, all of the security had gathered around the craft, but both the nature of the craft and the occupants seemed to demonstrate a hot gum drop style of physics to their demeanors, which would indicate a heavy sort of matter.They say that dark matter and para, or to a degree of dark matter, is a form of compressive matter left over from the formation of some parts of the universe.*Note they tried to change the nature of the report, with the Air Force generals walking away as friends with the aliens?

    So these people were getting fried when getting close to this craft and watching.The said occupants of this craft, were probably not aware that they themselves had even been radioactive in their own effasement to Earth man.
    I feel that as with the Billy Meier landings having their UFOnaughts utilizing time travel, which is apparently illegal to demonstrate to not so developed a society, like Earth is probably the reason that it was reported that Billy made models and tried himself, of all people, to discredit the Pleadean landings.

    I feel it is with the same token of sentiment that the powers that be also tried to cover up the Bentwaters affair, so as people's knowledge would not be drawn to the fact that dark matter can function within the range of biology, although this is still not understood.
    I would only like to note, that yes for me the Meier affair I was deeply tied to, have tried to express this to my government, but was also shoved aside as a fringe lunatic. This is not deserving, I technically I would be classified as a non-standard ethnicity and only desire to be federalized, as the American natives do.

    It seems with these kinds of happenings Linda, what goes around, seems to come in pairs.Poor guys, if the military knew about this, then they should have been covered without question.Maybe they were trying to lessen the cast of tellable characters. Thank you very much for your report.

  14. Thank heavens they finally got him taken care of. It has been a terribly long haul for him and the other person who was with him.

  15. I like your show  and find it very interesting, but about a fib  its normally caused by degeneration of the spine were the nerves to the heart are affected by being crushed as the spine shrinks due to not enough minerals. I don't believe a trauma caused that please advise him to adjust his mineral intake and see a chiropractor.

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