Eisenhower’s Warning about UFOs & E.Ts were Ignored… Paul Hellyer’s Final Revelations

IN MEMORIAM… Honourable Paul Hellyer (1923 – 2021). This FINAL speech was recorded and broadcasted LIVE, in June 2021 at Contact in the Desert 1st Annual Virtual Conference https://infinitewisdomproductions.com/
With Special Thanks to Victoria GeVoian, Paul Andrews and CITD Team for re-broadcasting late Paul Hellyer’s last speech.
From all of us at Zohar, CITD, our subscribers, and researchers world-wide, we wish late Paul Hellyer a peaceful transition between the worlds. Rest in Peace ☹

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35 Comments on “Eisenhower’s Warning about UFOs & E.Ts were Ignored… Paul Hellyer’s Final Revelations”

  1. I have so enjoyed the teachings and all of the information that this man has shared.
    He will be greatly missed.

  2. Rest in Peace Paul Hellyer. We Truthseekers, Researchers and Believers will honor his legacy and inspire us to spread the Great Truth from Government's Big Lies. We can't trust the United States Government, not one bit. 👽🖖🛸🇺🇲

  3. CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS must be held to address something that transcends politics and we will never advance until it happens: the 70+yr ongoing
    EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  4. I loved to watch all his interviews. I will really miss him. Thank you so much for uploading this video

  5. i feel sad i didnt knw that he pass away..i am more interesting in ufo phenomenon because of his revelations.. rip sir

  6. RIP 🙏 ⚰ 🙏 you are a great 👍 human being whatever you are gossiping!!!💯🇺🇲😇👌🙂✌

  7. i salute you sir a true and honest man a hero in the fact you didnt hide away based on ego but gave your all to the truth…

  8. The truth is slowly coming out. This is why they are slowly legalizing weed……. Once Aliens reveal themselves weed will help calm everyone a little

  9. This man needs to talk to Linda Molton Howell. There is so much more he knows but didn't say. How he got to the age he is with all he knows is beyond me.After reading the comments I see he passed away. So sad but maybe someone will do something with his knowledge and experience.

  10. Seems highly improbable that the German subs would retreat to Antarctica. I find it utterly ridiculous.

  11. Where is the interview with the nurse? How can what EBE1 said be regarded as a revelation? We all know that we are poor stewards of the planet? We have always known. This is not what I expect an EBE to say when there is vastly more important things to discuss. I call BS on that.

  12. An impressive man. So sad he's gone but happy at the same time that he is sitting on the Lap of our Supreme Father.

  13. Hey white folks check fertility rates it's the same equivalent of judgment. KARMA is real and the Caucasians are the new example although they pretend.

  14. We were given a planet but the world’s elite made it false, corrupt, and miserable. That is why we will be prohibited from colonizing anything in space, as long as the power in place is so filthy and manipulative.

  15. I have been watching the Former Defense minister for years .HE IS SPEAKING 100%TRUTH !The UTMOST RESPECT AND APPRECIATION for this very Smart Brave man .⭐

  16. Such a courageous, brave man, it's not easy speaking your truth despite imminent ridicule. One day the U.S government will disclose all this information and people like him will be justified. What I know for sure is the aliens/E.Ts don't want disclosure, as far as I'm concerned they control the narrative and can reveal themselves to the world at anytime but they probably feel we are not ready, so they choose a few people randomly whom they expose the truth to, so people will know what's going on behind the scenes. Too many life's have been lost and ruined due to this U.F.O/ E T debacle. One day all this will be revealed and I hope the U S government will apologize for all the atrocities committed in trying to hide the information. I'm very sure the government themselves will be tired of all this Cloak and dagger approach to conceal the truth. It is a very big burden for any group of human beings to carry on such a secret fo decades

  17. This man has no reason to lie, I truly believe everything he is talking about! The government is evil

  18. You are amazing. Honerable Paul Hellyer, I salute you for you service to humanity by exposing the truth regarding the historic truth our secret black ops government has been involved in. See we the so called ‘conspiracy learned do have facts behind our questioning.
    Thank you for coming forward, if you were not a Minister for the Canadian Sefence then it would be put down as hearsay!!
    Thank you for agreeing that beings from outside earth have and are consistently working with our political and secret gov ops and have been for years!
    Yhose who were in power at the time an$ now, have set there foreword programs without the human races acknowledgement or informative intergration and debate on there personal and hidden agreements with these beings.
    Thank you so much for your consistent disclosure Hon, Paul H. Your truth and enlightenment to the public is truely noted and now held in millions of saved posts and video proof of your entanglement and honest truth regarding our planet and the beings from outside our planet that have made contact.
    Honourable Paul Hellier, you must make your files available to us..the public, as once you are gone all your proof will be buried! Please find a way to save all you know in a testimony for posterity… for us, the ones your truth is trying to reach.🤗

  19. Forrestal was sent flying out of that window, because he refused to cooperate, and Kennedy was going to talk about it.
    Follow the crumbs trail…..his brother….his son……
    The constitution is just a piece of 📑 paper sadly.

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