Elon Musk claims Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is being called out by the internet after declaring that the Pyramids of Giza were built by aliens.

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47 Comments on “Elon Musk claims Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens”

  1. These pyramids were never built by Egyptians. They were ancient even in the Early Kingdom. No mummy has ever been found in them. No hieroglyphs ever mention, "oh yeah, btw, we built them". Hawass knew this(which is why he so vehemently tried to suppress the truth), and this newbie minister probably doesn't because she believes what we have been taught.

  2. A girl, of modern name, shall become queen. She shall choose Elon, and together they shall rule our world. And their Son shall rule the galaxy……..

  3. Someone show me proof of the tombs and show me where there is at least one pyramid with Egyptian hieroglyphs. hieroglyphs are on every building built by ancient Egyptians.

  4. Whoever built the pyramids.. the surveyors used a blueprint on a ratio of 1:1…it's known by markers on the grounnd👍

  5. Well, after the recent discovered OBELISK anomaly on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Great Pyramid ..it could be I guess..

  6. It's shape is magic it produces a subtle energy just from it's geometry. 51.51° angles, teamed up with true north alignment..
    Then on top of running water and lay lines.. giza is the most awesome unbelievable structure ever created. Just turn it on by adding water. Might need a top hat too. These egyptian narrators would love to sell you there idea about tombs.. swallow it already, but pride is the only thing holding our kids back from learning the truth.

  7. Folks, I could just read a web page too ya know. A video without a human narrator defeats the purpose of video.

  8. But on the joe rogan podcast he said if they were real and had visited earth he would know about it via his space program and archeological findings

  9. Can pyramids fly? Pyramids are ancient UFOs, they use nuclear power and can generate anti-gravity. On the inside they were no different than many starships seen in science fiction movies, whereas on the outside they were shiny and wrapped in a bright hot cloud of plasma when flying in the sky.


  11. pyramids were built way before humans came into existence. all pyramids in the world are connected through the pyramid of Giza as it sits dead on the centre of earth. ark of the covenant was actually created to sit in the pyramid of giza as a power source to connect all pyramids putting what you call a barrier around earth to pro long the human life. this tehnology was called "Eden" and i have no idea what im talking about lol 😂😂

  12. So these are and have been LANDED UFOs the whole time.

    Egyptians didn't build these structures, the boulders are covering the flying pyramids underneath.

  13. I know everybody’s joking about it but if you actually look into some of the dimensional numbers and requirements to build the great pyramids, the way they were built becomes more and more unrealistic for a human being. Like it’s actually insane. And there are no evidence of any ramps for building it? How did they build it then? And how did human beings lift 2 to 8 ton stone slabs with extreme precision every 5 minutes for years on end. How?

  14. Everything points to “ why are they dropping into the ocean” all of the new evidence shown publicly is hinting towards this and much more. Also they sometimes mentioned that they are pyramid shaped UFOs.. this adds to ancient historical theories

  15. Elon musk thinks a pharaoh who kept slaves and tortured and killed hundreds of thousands just to build his own grave to fill it with the wealth collected from the whole country leaving them starving and poor was 😎?? Ok bruh

  16. I don't believe Aliens built them but maybe the ancient Egyptians were instructed by Aliens to built them that would somehow explain why those ancient Egyptians drew UFOs and aliens on their walls.

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