Elon Musk on Area 51 Aliens and Humans on Mars

Elon Musk Talks about Area 51, Aliens and sending humans to Mars.

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24 Comments on “Elon Musk on Area 51 Aliens and Humans on Mars”

  1. Humans fight, lie, steal, and competitive.
    We created better ways to destroy each other through weapons of mass destruction.
    In calculation of error….
    Remembering to save humanity by colonizing the Moon 🌙and Mars and other planets.
    It will preserve consciousness and increase resources that can be used.
    The created (computer) be smarter than the human that created it? Not if you pull the plug. The machine has no point of reference in morals, it will destroy the creator without a conscience or remorse.

  2. How arrogant is this guy, ''if we found aliens trust me I would know"
    Why? Would the government secret intelligence report to you Mr.musk? Will the russians and Chinese and the rest report to you?
    1 man with money bro nothing much more then the rest of us beside the media magnifying your ass

  3. How I want every interview to end from now on: "……yeah, definitely not." – Elon Musk

  4. Elon.. From the Dieties to now. History has proven change and possibilities. Area 51 is still a big secret.. Why? Something to hide.
    Invest on what we have on earth. More money plugged into space, when there os more to learn about our deep oceans ans sea. Screw China, we are America. Ughh… Elon seems confused on his intentions.

  5. If you live in the east coast, do not have to travel to Arizona or Utah to see aliens in Area 51; JUST STOP AT THE WHITE HOUSE or in in England just see the Queen Lizard or near Russia the Kremlin. There's no shortage, just ask Warren Buffet and the GEICO Lizard. advertisements. Warren Buffet wanted a blood transfusion from Elon Musk because he said Elon Musk accomplishments are in his blood.

  6. Existence of visitors? We have none, "I would know"…?
    Elon, I guess you know absolutely nothing. We are here.
    And so you understand, you will not be going to Mars. This conversation is imbecilic.
    Elon, you are targeting the wrong reality.

  7. Both of them looked nervous. And it’s sounds like Musk is being told what to say. This was a painful interview to watch.

  8. He sounds like hes reading what his lawyer told him to say so that he doesn't get in trouble. Hes posturing hard lol.

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