Emergency order issued for Area 51 | ABC News

Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at the top-secret site near Las Vegas where UFO are planning to meet for an “alienstock” festival.

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31 Comments on “Emergency order issued for Area 51 | ABC News”

  1. Nothing really special going on in area 51, just testing out new and unused aircraft models, hence why people think it's UFO's.

  2. My dad works for the Air Force as a pararescueman, he went out to Groom Lake and he found something out that I’m not really allow to you guys about, but as Americans and citizens of other country’s, it’s your right to know.

    Burger King foot lettuce is coming

  3. They hold immigrants in jail then do experiments that's why they can't find the migrant kids parents

  4. Area 51 is a concept not a place. You would never see it unless they brought you there

  5. I bet aliens wonder why humans drive flying vehicles so poorly and donr abide to driving rules. Maybe one rule is keep a distance while flying?

  6. If I was gonna go I’d make sure to put on my body armor bring a friend and my Arsenal cuz there is no way your getting to the base without a weapon of some kind.

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