Ep. 205 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jim Marrs UFO News LIVE on air

Jim Marrs joins us once again and we discuss the breaking news about John Podesta and his UFO Disclosure tweet, the possible DHS shutdown, ISIS, UFO history and why global banking is connected to everything…ufology, war and conspiracy.


5 Comments on “Ep. 205 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jim Marrs UFO News LIVE on air”

  1. Jim Marrs was a Fucking genius and told it like it was. "The ones who run and control the world (the top of the financial pyramid) ain't human". As crazy as that sounds to most of society it just might be 100% accurate. How else could they get away with 9/11 and all the other shit they do like having continous neverending wars? How else could there be such a perfect monetary system in place where a few people have so much while others have so little?

  2. And yeah it is mainly the older generation who still don't believe in UFO's and Extraterrestrials as that's what they were brainwashed to believe their whole lives and ya can't teach a old dog new tricks. As for SETI they are the biggest waste of money and time there is. I laugh at them every time i hear their moronic comments about no proof of UFO's and ET's coming here cause if they admit they are than the funding they receive goes away and they have to get real jobs.

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