Ep.44 – UFO's & Capel Green / UFO News For March 2018

Intro / Gary Heseltine – Capel Green – Larry Warren / UFO’s In The News – AATIP Update – Luis Elizondo FMR US DOD Director Of National Intelligence – Robert Bigelow – Christopher Mellon FMR US Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defence – Beth Weigand (Roswell UFO Museum) / Civil Pilots UFO Sightings / UFO Truth Magazine / Item Of Interest – Kim Wilde’s UFO Encounter / Studio / Credits

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7 Comments on “Ep.44 – UFO's & Capel Green / UFO News For March 2018”

  1. Larry spills more shite than a rabbit Warren.The clown,Going by Burrows and the other witnesses was never were the ufo incident took place.The real genuine witnesses say the saw him on and around the Base but he was never were he said he was and couldn't have possibly seen what he says he seen. And thats said not just by the two who actually got within feet of the ufo but other genuine witnesses. They called him out as a liar so I don't get why we are still seeing this imposter involved with anything regarding the Rendlesham ufo incident.

  2. So Larry warren passes lie detector and also has corroborating evidence that supports his astonishing account,I find that really compelling as a lot of people were always wary of his story but I've always believed his testimony,he had so much detail whenever I heard him speak on rendlesham

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