Ep. 5 | PART 1: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident | Real evidence & witnesses | The Basement Office

In this episode of “The Basement Office,” Charles Halt discusses his shock at his UFO sighting in Rendlesham Forest in 1980 and the audio recording he made during the event. Nick Pope, who wrote a book on the incident, offers his insight into what happened when a UFO was reported to have landed outside the Bentwaters and Woodbridge air force bases in the UK. Nick and Steven Greenstreet dig into the physical evidence and government response in the aftermath.

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49 Comments on “Ep. 5 | PART 1: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident | Real evidence & witnesses | The Basement Office”

  1. There is nothing to not be believed by the evidence from the personnel at Bentwaters. They sought out commercial verification from London for aircraft they could detect at Rendlesham and indeed got the confirmation for what they were observing. This is one of the most compelling cases of UFO activity ever documented. Call it UFO, but it is clearly not of this world from the capabilities witnessed.
    Combine this with more than one day of these occurrences, the initial disbelief of command personnel initially, to the command staff convinced fully this is in fact a very strange occurrence and add to that confirmation by civilian commercial radar installations reporting back to the military bases what they were seeing was in fact present. To me, this is completely irrefutable.

  2. I absolutely love these episodes but……. your not doing any favors for the witnesses by playing mythical sounding music as they speak lol. It makes them seem like hired trained actors that got a pay check to make these stories sound believable. But only after seeing the same witnesses tell their story to multiple people do I know they are just telling you what they actually saw, the truth. Not sure what kind of music you could use but there’s gotta be something that doesn’t scream “this is on par with big foot” lol. We all really need these people taken seriously!

  3. I think its time travel because u cant get out and say hi we from the future as it will duck up there future.

  4. In my view this really did happen , you can hear the bemusement and even panic in Halt's voice .

  5. Great show guys, I was wondering if you had an episode on Crop circles specifically the pixelated crop circle that left a message.

  6. Confused by the light beam of a lighthouse a bit farther away on the coast.

  7. What u are doing is so important due to the fact that governments try everything to play it down. Thank you for making this on an objective and decent way!

    Disclosure may come earlier because of your series. Lets hope it will spread!

    And only 200k views? The whole world should watch this. Cant believe there are "only" 200k :O

    Keep it on :))

    All the best

  8. These are the angels. They have always been here with us, protecting us. Read the Bible people. There here because of all this godlessness, weapons and evil. It’s all got to go.

  9. It’s true there’s even UFOs in art, old art, and the colonizer Christopher Columbus saw light leading him to our continent. The question is not if they exist. The fact that is clear is that we need to move forward as humans and stop fighting each other and learn as much as we can about the different beings so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. Have no doubt that they are preparing and that some are friends and some are foes. Share this and keep investigating. One day we won’t have the technology to research it will all be gone all knowledge and we will be under an evil knee. Stop killing people, stop arguing stop racism. Start learning.

  10. If only we had smartphones back then.
    It could of changed the world. Especially with the quality pictures a iPhone takes, or even Android !

  11. If these were ET's that have technology to traverse light-years across space,why would they need navigation lights,especially the same colors we use in aviation?

  12. I watched a more recent interview with Colonel Charles Holt and he said..I swear if someone suggests that light house light one more time!!! 😂 he was sooo frustrated with people claiming that's what these soldiers saw back then..when in reality it was a UFO. On the following nights it was an actual landed craft that they experienced..very interesting(and valid)case. 👍

  13. People keep asking about col halts tape recorder but forget to ask why they took a geiger counter, if Charles Halt was sent out to debunk it then why did they take a geiger counter????

  14. Interestingly, the pentagon just confirmed that the fox news footage of triangle-shaped craft hovering around a US navy destroyer was in fact real footage (which released about a week or so ago). Either this ufo/uap stuff is all bs or we live in the most interesting times ever. btw this is a great series keep it up.

  15. I like the tv with the static in the background. Makes it feel all X-Filesy.

  16. What if these interdemensional travellers from the future modify their craft to the folklore of the age and location?
    Dragons in the middle ages, gods riding chariots in ancient greece, travellers from other worlds today.
    That way if they are spotted or reported by those who they abduct, they will be dismissed as lunatics

  17. Considering the incidence of radiation exposure detailed here, and that UFO sighting have occurred in such great numbers over the years, well… that's kind of disturbing.
    No guarantee that every visitor is the same and that all would neglect to construct an environmentally friendly, non-radiation emitting ship, but it still makes one think.

  18. I don't know if there's been a movie made about this incident yet, but there should be.

  19. There was a time after my first experience where I lost 4 hours out of a day. I was outside with my dog and then had this wave of emotions come over me at 8:15 am. After the initial feelings happened I pretty much woke up (consciously at least) in the kitchen of my house standing up looking at my phone at 12:22 pm. I have a blank spot on that time

  20. I remembered me and my mum reading that News Of The World story in regards to RAF Bentwaters , it took us back to what we witnessed back in 1970, when we had just left the base and were slowly driving back to our home in Woodbridge, by the time the story had broke we had moved to ROF Puriton where even more strange happenings were occurring, the houses there around eight or so were occupied by the MOD but the farmers knew for sure,

  21. If they just jumped out of, what ever it is they are flying in, and said “Hello”… that would be nice.

  22. I think Jim Peniston is full of it, but the other witnesses are legit.

  23. I think the Rendelsham Forrest story is qiute compelling, especially with the multitude of witnesses! Part two of this episode is quite mindblowing!

  24. Is nobody else gonna talk about the fact there were apparently TWO eyes according to those radio broadcasts?

  25. This guy has embellished what was an amazing story as it was, the binary "download" is an example of that. This Was one of the more credible stories

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