Episode 1363 Scott Adams: UFO's Debunked, Acosta Criticizes Fake News, National Debt, Virtual People

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– Convincing UFO video…debunked

– Murderapolis (Minneapolis)

– America’s COVID performance vs others

– Nobody talks about our national debt?

– Jim Acosta calls Fox News the BS factory

-“The Technician”, Miko and success

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38 Comments on “Episode 1363 Scott Adams: UFO's Debunked, Acosta Criticizes Fake News, National Debt, Virtual People”

  1. one of the problems of that lead to the french revolution i they had massive debt,
    and they still haven't paid it off, they just told everyone that was a different france
    in fact they invaded and overthrew most of the countries they owed money to

  2. There's a big difference between running out of bad news and NOT reporting on bad news because it hurts your brand, or agenda.

  3. Did Scott Adams pay Eric Finman to boost the WHEN token so Scott Adams can cash out of another bad business decision?

  4. What truly eroded gawker so hogans lawsuit could break them (as a mercy shot) was gamergate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz–i3M4PVk

    (before it ended succesfully fulfilling it's mission of demanding disclosure if game media had any bonds with game developers/were being paid for advertisement, and was taken over by opportunists from the "skeptic" community) managed to show investor what Gawker was doing with their money and many of them pulled out their investments from that hub. Gawker was an umbrella organization funding several magazines mostly related to gaming. (also because some of said investors are gamers themselves and were equally appalled for being called the most hoprrid things for merely disliking the fact that bad games were being promoted as "must play")

  5. All nations are seriously in debt because of Covid.
    The world is on the Titanic of debt & USA is probably lesser affected than most.
    Even Republicans & Tea Party recognize that fiscal responsibility talk during Covid would be political suicide.
    Perhaps the great reset will also be a debt jubilee, if not, all countries will be bankrupted. Creative accounting & new economic theories will undoubtedly utilize sleight of hand tactics to continually pass the buck forward.

  6. There is plenty of news. It’s bad for Biden so it won’t be reported. There’s always news.

  7. Regarding masks on airplanes … even in 2022, there will be enough people still fearing COVID (thanks to the media) that they will continue to wear masks. And they will ruin it for everyone else because there won't be an overwhelming majority of anti-maskers.

  8. there is a rumor going round;
    if the Democrat party never existed,
    and taxes were kept below 10% since 1776;
    that America would have accumulated so much money,
    that all of the thing berniedoodle and horseteeth aoc
    say we need, would have been a reality by now.
    Real money not printed money.

  9. Regarding the $21m asking price for your NFT…

    Scott, I think he reads your work. He anchored the price to the most famous number in crypto and wants the word ‘million’ associated with it

  10. I don't know which UFO video he is talking about, the ones I saw being reported were far more compelling like the rotating pyramids filmed from a navy destroyer, and the one that dipped into the ocean, those are the main two I have seen reported frequently as verified by the military and defying explanation. I don't know if those are ET's but they sure weren't birds or weather balloons. Has anyone debunked those?
    I don't know, but it seems like he took some obscure sighting and claimed all were debunked from that one while ignoring the more commonly reported sightings. What's up with that Scott? You an Alien dude? I wouldn't be surprised, in fact…. 🙂 But seriously I would like an answer regarding these other sightings that are clearly not birds or balloons. Because whatever it is, it is certainly an interesting story even if it is some sort of hoax, it's a good one.

  11. Welp, Mr. Arrogance – I guess you know better than everyone. Hahaha. When you see one, you'll know.

  12. If birds can go so much faster than previously thought, couldn't 9/11 have been an innocent bird strike?
    What is the kinetic energy of a bird going 20,000 mph?

  13. Here's an interview with the pilot and Lex Fridman (who has a PhD in engineering and is a research scientist at MIT), both of whom are a lot smarter than Scott when it comes to physics.
    https://youtu.be/aB8zcAttP1E. Scott's in over his head on this one. And I just watched the "debunking" video, and that guy sounds like a complete moron.

  14. The people that control the news don't think we have souls and need to be wiped out so they can perfect their own existence.

  15. The US Navy says publicly it cant tell what it was but a guy on YouTube knows better?????

    soooooooo…..all an enemy has to do is attack with trained pigeons and we are done for because ….

    the US military cant tell the difference between a bird and an enemy craft ????? I’m expected to entertain this logic ????

  16. If pot heads have no motivation, therefore libs are pot heads.

    This is exactly what we taught in jr high!

  17. Scott did this "Golden Age" prediction back in early 2020. Right before Covid, BLM riots, and Joe Biden as President.

  18. It is mathematically impossible that this is the only planet in the universe that has intelligent life on it. The problem is that given our understanding of physics that says noting can travel faster than the speed of light, that means even the closest planets that could support life would be many, many, many years away traveling at the speed of light. But I do believe there is intelligent life out there because if we are it….how disappointing is that!!!

  19. The President of the United States had no legal recourse but Arizona is going to have a legit outcome from a fraudulent system? 🤦‍♀️ How TF do u pull something legitimate out of a completely illegitimate process? Once the well is poisoned doesn't matter how many times u send down the bucket. Still gonna pull up poisoned water. Makes as much sense as Trump running again 😂 Like putting gas in a car with no engine lol

  20. My prediction on the mask mandate is that when the majority of people stop listening to the government either a new variant immune to the vaccin will appear or a brand new virus will appear or something similar will happen to justify the government keeping the power

  21. Dear Scott,

    It's UFOs not UFO's !

    It's time to end that mind-boggling epidemic of spelling confusion between verb and possessive and you can help ! You even had a whole chapter about easily avoided writing mistakes in one of your books, as I remember.

  22. The pandemic cluster f@#k comes from mandates without evidence, which we still lack. Independent people want accurate evidence not unscientific mandates by morons with conflicts of interest.

  23. the way to prove that hard work doesn't lead to success is to work harder than everyone else for ten years. if you're not ripped, we stand corrected.

  24. FDR told people not to worry about national debt because "we just owe it to ourselves." Actually, we owe it to the Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserves, just like the Holy Roman Empire was neither, holy, Roman, nor an empire.) The Fed is just a privately owned company that creates money out of thin air and makes a commission by lending it to the government. It's all good, brah. What could go wrong?

  25. Wait did you
    1) miss the Lex Friedman podcast with the actual Pilot?
    2) actully found the "expert" telling US Air Forces analysts could all be fooled by a bird credible?
    I don't have any solid opinion but the debunking I saw sure was a cognitive dissonance sh*t show. Especially when you hear the actual pilote you start to get an idea of what an expert on the topic would actually sound like.

  26. All you are describing is "Clock Punchers" vs "Go getters". Chalk and cheese, oil and water, always have been.

  27. I really admired Scott’s thinking, but he’s way off on this UFO topic. And Minneapolis is only sketchy in certain poor sections. The wealthy suburbs are perfect.

  28. If I'm not mistaken, lemmino did a really good, and fair analysis of the Pentagon UAP videos. Scott leaves out a lot of info here. The radar crews verified the size and behavior long before the jets ever made contact. We might be talking about different incidents though.

  29. Did you take into account the conservatives have been trying to defund the police for years. It is called breaking the public sector unions.

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