ET's & Jesus | Plato & Human Evolution

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ET’s & Jesus | Plato & Human Evolution- By popular request: How do God, Jesus, the Bible and ETs go together? Aren’t Christianity and the story of humanity’s ET roots mutually exclusive?
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28 Comments on “ET's & Jesus | Plato & Human Evolution”

  1. I started watching your series last week (20 Apr 21). I've been a Christian leader (men's ministry primarily) for over two decades. I'm a God-gifted teacher but also a learner. I've always looked at the rim of things as the begging of really knowing something. At this series has been totally mind-blown in both good and bad ways. I'm currently in the denial phase and fluctuating with the bargaining phase. I prayed just this AM on the way to work for God to open my mind to what I need to understand and shield from that which will only come to harm me. This is tough.

  2. Stephen Fry once commented on the fact that as any one day progresses, the success of completing the difficult UK Times crossword increases at a commensurate rate. He implied that as more people finished the crossword, there was more answers flooding the ether and being intercepted by other minds. As if a "universal consciousness" is at work. I wonder if he's hit the nail on the head? Would explain a lot of things about our perception of reality..

  3. I've always seen the god of the old testament as a repellent lunatic, a jealous, angry, and vengeful individual. Richard Dawkins really gets stuck into the old testament god with much more eloquence than I can muster, and I agree with his description entirely.

    When I started on the road of the Annanaki, via Sitchen and others, I began to see things a little differently

    I was never taught religion except at school, and I consider myself an atheist. Religion per se occupies no part of my life. However I am interested in anthropology amongst other things, and eternally curious about the human condition and our place in the universe. I have a KJ bible because it's an essential tool for anyone studying this vexing subject..

    Sitchen, Bramley, Hancock, Dawkins and many others truly offer valuable insights and an attractive alternative view, one with which I find myself in general agreement…

  4. Always an absolute pleasure to watch your videos Paul. Do you have a way to contact you? An email address etc. I've been researching a lot of subjects for over twenty years now and have never been inclined to share what I've learned with the general public until now but I feel it's time to perhaps start writing and getting this absolutely essential knowledge out there! I'd like to discuss this with you if at all possible.

  5. Paul well done. Finally someone is brave enough n did the ground work . I always felt this as a child when I was in Catholic Church.

    Its felt wrong . I make sure I reach when everyone mass was over.

    I remember one confession session. I admitted to stealing my mom fish she was frying.

    Who was she frying ut for again?? Planned planted guilt .


    Keep up the good work .

  6. Paul I've been listening to you for past week or so,, I believe you have found the answer I have been looking for , I always knew something was off with the King James Bible, It just never did me justice. things didn't add up or make sinse ,, I have studied the Hebrew and Greek text years ago, but did learn then the King James was mistranslated thoughout , This video explains how I feel, we are to be taught. the God I worship is all about love not distruction / killing .. you have heard the same thing before as I have it was Gods will when a friend, family or smalll child dies, I have never accepted that statement as truth. Your view is the same as mine with shameing everyone with condemnation as a child, it never seemed very God like to me either,, I would love to hear the original teaching of Jesus too. would be awesome ,, God Speed Paul,, Please keep up the work you do,, Greek Text says God is love, sprit and giving,, that's how I live my life

  7. Great job keep up the hard work thank you thank you you're helping so many people in Christianity to wake up and realize we don't know what we don't know☺☺😀😁

  8. Jesus didn't come to be worshipped, then why do we worship him? Who is Jesus if not the son of God, who is worshipped? Jesus taught us how to keep the Ten Commandments to love the Lord with all of our hearts and souls, and to love each other. The commandments are commandments of love.

  9. This lecture doesn't address the many prophecies such as Isaiah 53 or psalms 22, or the countless others….

  10. How can an Almighty God have allowed those from the sky to do what they supposedly did to humanity. Makes no sense, unless you are talking about positive and negative powers in the Universe. And it seems like the negative is persevering.

  11. Paul I had and experience during a 13 hour operation to have a acoustic Neuroma removed from my ear, During this op I was talking to Jesus and I told him that I didn't deserve to go to Heaven as I had commited adultery and saying how naughty I was and Jesus said to me you sin has been for given now and as you have confessed your sin to me you will be allowed in heaven but first you still have some time with your friends, That was in 2015 about 5 years ago I didn't have a strong belief then but that had made me think and go to church more to find out more about the lord, Thankyou for telling us all this and it makes me a stronger believer in Jesus Christ.

  12. I like 5th kind n agree partially or fully with many ideas and theories. In the videos. I found it interesting and commented on the slave race video before i watched this video. N i never read Pauls books or heard of them until today. One of my theories is that someone put a limiter on our minds so we cant use them or access our racial/genetic memory. And our special abilities. One being telepathy. My notion of the human races once common and unifying way of communicating. I believe we had the ability to control our bodies with our minds heal adapt and the ability to activate the healing and regenerating ability in others. Enlightenment what is that if not a quest to unlock our genetic memory. Chi, life energy and the use of the planets life energies our ability to use it. Just a though. Jesus did he partially or fully unlock this part of his brain. Did the limiter fail on purpose or accidentally? Abraham and noah what i heard they lived close to a 1000 years
    Give or take a few hundreds years. Increases longevity due to increases ability to regenerate. Was Jesus an alien that wanted to give us clues to breaking this limiter. That we can be more than we are. I havent researched anything, this is just things i picked up throughout my life. N also The constant feeling of things not making sense in the world n why it stays that way. Despite to me the overwhelming evidence that its wrong. Feel pushed and torn in all directions only what im pushed or pulled to dont make sense. Dont poop where u eat its simple logical. Still we turn this planet in to a giant poop emoji n pretending China or other places that manufacture cheap shit we think we need. That cuz its not our country its not our problem this whole planet is our backyard n its an illusion that we are seperate. N we are seperate for control.

  13. Bravo Paul!!  You've taken it back to the way I believe it was all intended… in the beginning. Thank you for the refreshing clarity.

  14. I once saw a bumper sticker on a car that said" Jesus Protect Me From Your Followers!" I totally understand what this meant….😂

  15. Thank you for your enlightenment. This is all so fascinating to me, and it makes so much sense. Scripture and theological belief systems are chock-full of supernatural events. Why is it then so difficult to make the connection to the cosmos/ET's without compromising the deity of Jesus and/or a God. The narrative will of course have some changes but the underlying message remains the same minus the many years of religious manipulation.
    I would like to add the following. I have definitely noticed a shunned or evasive response by many to this topic. This is especially noticeable among the religious, christian apologist, and even christian critics. I'm not exactly sure why they don't want to discuss it.
    The following is one example I address to Dr. Ehrman on a blog.
    Dr. Ehrman, thank you for your reply. In your professional and extremely knowledgeable opinion, would you give any credence to modern day thought of Christ as an alient being? Of course I’m speaking of an unorthodox view of biblically interpretation. I believe there are some compelling, or at the very least extremely interesting, arguments that can be made. I simply find it fascinating. Thank you.

    BDEhrman May 13, 2021 at 7:34 pm – Reply

  16. I am and have gone through exactly the processes you are talking about to a T"
    I am nearly fully awake now but like you I am for the first time in seeing the world and God in a new light, I am excited to learn all that I can.
    I first saw you on Leak Project recently and I am watching all your videos now.
    They mainly confirm what I have discovered for myself but thank you so much for all your hard work and your obvious love for learning and sharing truth. I am disfellowshiped Jehovah witness so I am very aware now of the cult like programing of nearly all mainstream religions and the Sinful and deceptive highjacking of the teachings of Christ and other spiritually enlightened ones that have been hijacked by Rome and their priestly class that worship their father the devil and crucify the truth perpetually to maintain control over humans and the very planet we inhabit.

  17. Your work is brilliant and your perspective unique. Thank you very much for your very fine work.

  18. The modern Christian church is an absolute disgrace and abomination. I was terrified of hell for so long, but then I realized these ppl are deeply insane and there must be a reason for that.

  19. All I can say is wow. You have nailed it to the core. Jesus was taking about the Creative God source of all ( the Father ). The Annunaki Extraterrestrials were conning humans to think they were the God source . I might be wrong but Enhil a (Annunaki leader ) was still around during Jesus time and was the so call biblical God that the Jews were worshipping. His name then was Yahweh and he wanted everyone to worship him as the creative God Source which he was not. I believe he was part in having Jesus killed. The Annunaki created and manipulated the 3 Monotheism religions to create division fear and control and keep mankind always at war. In fact he was Satan an adjective meaning ( the adversary )

  20. Paul I'd like to purchase escaping from eden! But I'd like it signed by you please.

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