Evil Fairies, Swamp Creatures, Angry Spirits, UFOS & Orbs… Paranormal Docudrama

Some people think that modern day monster and ghost accounts are merely due to overactive imaginations or a case of fear of the dark. That is until they see the real thing right before their eyes. Naysayers turn into true believers in an instant when faced with full body apparitions, entities and angry spirits that thrive on making themselves known. Learn about the Bell Island Hag and the evil fairies of Dobbins Garden, the very real and evil Vampire of Wilno, the mind-bending paranormal experiences of Magnetic Hill, and more. Horrifying accounts of malevolent swamp creatures, devil like creatures, angry spirits, strange orbs and even UFO sightings from highly credible eyewitnesses around the globe. A landscape of terrifyingly true tales of life altering horrors awaits in this fascinating collection of unexplained paranormal encounters.
Disclaimer: The events, characters, locations, and witnesses’ testimonies in this film were re-enacted. No harm or injuries cause during making of the film. This film is produced for entertainment purposes only, and does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the events.

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