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  1. I'll tell you a secret 😉. The "UFO", for lack of a better phrase, was found in an archaeological dig. It didn't crash. It's very anicent and certain technologies on the craft did partially operate but even those that didn't are/were in such a preserved state that backwards engineering was achieved quickly while others are still more elusive. It's been hiding in plain sight in ancient literature. Oh yeah and there were preserved people but not like us. More like skinny giants but with modification. It was too difficult to know form sure given the age of the cadavers.
    They are the species that cuts Donald Trump hair. No lie.

  2. The government needs to show the people everything they ever hide and are still hiding! Of course UFOs are really in a universe with so many galaxy's the English language doesn't have a word to describe the number. Must be one earth like plant, aliens, well aliens to us.

  3. any updates on the recent release of alien galactic federation by ex Israel defense minister?? FULL disclosure is coming soon as there are so many navy pilots release of videos captured of UFO flying in sonic speeds and angles

  4. I bet alot of the ufos r real. I do believe it, but u also believe almost anybody can make fake videos these days with an app. So…

  5. The "Presidents book", the one that only the President can read, handed from one President to another… I wonder if it says anything about this ? The videos are out. Do we wait for them to land for half-time at the Superbowl to take this seriously ?

  6. Honestly except some hippies and shithole countries, nobody would care if aliens show themselves today. We have stuff to do! Bills to pay! Aint nobody have time for aliens.

  7. have never liked this ufo movie incredibly overly hyped …. Most good ufo movies and pictures have been removed from the internet Youtube)….. they let the public eye see what they want you to see

  8. He's telling the truth!!! I saw one in 1964 in Naples, Italy…they have been here among us for a very long time!

  9. Maybe we will lay down our differences on earth and work together…against them! Or they may be ushering in the Anti Christ

  10. Imagine if there’s actually no other lifeforms and it’s just like building a huge defense pvp base in a single player game lmaooo

  11. I can relate to witnessing an unidentifiable flying object. My encounter was around March 2017. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the exact date but I witnessed with 300 to 400 other individuals at between 4:55am to 5:05am over Brocton, NY. I never experienced anything in my life like this. The crazy thing people seem to be leaving out is that whatever this object is you can feel it’s presence before you can physically see it. It gave off a feel of a 1000 tv’s or microwaves being turned on in a room. It felt like radiation. It was a weird feeling but it didn’t seem as a threat even though the object appeared instantly out of nowhere. It was a pulsating beam of light, that once present it slowly gravitated towards us. This was not an airplane, drone, or anything we are used to seeing. Everyone was like WTF!! The object once it got close enough that we could clearly see it. I can’t relate to the saucer shape but it was oblong and very bright. It seems to be maybe 1000 ft above us and the weirdest thing it froze in mid air and gave off a weird sci fi hovering sound. Then it shot backwards at a speed no aircraft on earth has ever reported to travel. It was gone like that. No threat or harm imposed. Unfortunately, I don’t share this story much because my experience and encounter took place at the Lakeview Shock Facility in Brocton, NY. So, yes I was incarcerated and in my mind who would give a f@*k or believe a convict lol. But I’m only here to share my experience that was in fact witnessed by 300 to 400 others credible and possible incredible witnesses. Take it as you may but I know now something else is out there and way more advanced than us. By the way I’m Jerome and can be reached by email at jeromejordan79@yahoo.com

  12. This is a bad time for congress to enforce gun laws. We dont know if they are friendly or not. Anyone who has seen independence day knows we need to prepare. It would be foolish to think only one planet in the entire universe can support life

  13. 3 month after sky News, and also there it was trash…IQ nabs… All of these producers
    Trash!!! Shame on CNN

  14. In 1952 a formation hovered right above the capitol for days doesn't get much more obvious than that. Plus pheonix

  15. JWM9SH. James King; Subject A7 D9:
    The human scientists assert that some human subjects are so upset by vaccines that the anxiety can cause physical symptoms. My physiological changes from coronavirus are irreversible now. I know that isn't true. When you receive this message our home world is ready for colonization I welcome your forces with open arms.
    Dans mes bras mes frères.
    مدن فارغة وأخرى مدمرة. ٧ ساعات حرب. 🇺🇸🛸💚💀

  16. ‘We can’t tell the public, there will be mass panic’
    Pentagon- UFO’s are real.
    Public – ‘we knew that’.

  17. All of these new radar systems our Navy has like the SPY-6 & SPY-7. We should have a massive data inventory to give to the American public.

    These UAPs are flying with impunity over our strike groups and nuclear facilities. Extremely sneaky and elusive. Displaying maneuvers that make are quantum physics look obsolete.

    Look, we are definitely not alone and we need to know the intent of these "outer world" vehicles. I hope the world is ready for some extremely new realities.


  18. i cant believe this but this sounds like something that would be in a kids book teaching us about fake news and theres a book that i actually read about it lol

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