30 Comments on “Exopolitics and ET Disclosure Policy – Daniel Sheehan, JD – LIVE”

  1. Being intelligent is being able to accurately identify differences and similarities. Endlessly, juggling intellectual the rhetoric of political hypnosis isn't even clever.

  2. Mr. speaker plz stop this obama propaganda. This is funny when this guy destroys your country and you say he is great. lol

  3. @zigzigerblat Obama= Corporate bailouts, Wars in Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Yemen and a new war in Libya, indefinite detentions, renews Patriot Act, Emergency Powers Act, kept Guantanamo, secret renditions, tortures & imprisons whistleblowers, kills innocence w/ drones, no transparency, takes lobbyist money, employs lobbyists, growing police state, warrantless wiretaps, internet kill switch, meaningless financial reform, expanded failed drug war, CIA killing Americans. Are you blind?

  4. @zigzigerblat Every item listed is within presidential power. Bush started secret renditions so Obama can't stop them? Bush started the growing police state so Obama is powerless to control it? Is Bush forcing Obama to continue warrantless wiretaps? Bush sure didn't start Libya. The Patriot Act stood alone, and Obama signed it.
    Freedoms are only gone for good if you sit on your ass and blame Bush. If the founders felt that way we would still be British. Time to fight back not sit down.

  5. @zigzigerblat indefinite detentions is an Obama policy. Bush and Congress had nothing to do with it! Obama DOES NOT NEED Congressional approval to stop indefinite detentions, secret renditions, bring troops home, warrantless wiretaps, war on drugs, lobbyists in White House and on and on. Where Obama does need Congressional approval is to go to war with Libya but he ignores that fact because he believes dropping bombs and killing people with drones isn't war. Come on man, wake up!

  6. at 27:35 hes wrong. it doesn't change trajectory. He's talking about entanglement and its only has to do with the "spin" direction of the electron. not the trajectory its traveling. He's way off on a few other things too…..

  7. Absolute Genius.
    I will study this.
    Daniel Sheehan just added to my short list of mentors.

  8. @lexx4eva74 so Its ok to hate Bush but not Obama? ha what a crock.. besides, whats wrong with hate anyway? Hate is a powerful and good virtue, without it you submit to your enemies…(and the Government haha)

  9. @zigzigerblat actually no,.. all the civilized nations and races came from ignorant uneducated people.. education has nothing to do with it. I say it has more to do with DNA and temperment, but what do I know? I only have bred horses for a living..hahahah

  10. @zigzigerblat na, I suspect education has nothing to do with it, I grew up In the Ivy leauge area ..Cambridge Mass, and believe me, most of those intellectuals are actually fucking iditots..eductation isnt what it used to be. Education is more like a business combined with political brainwashing. ..China is beating the world and they are mostly just peasant stock.

  11. Part I: No, no, no… these are mathematical perspectives based on poor interpretations of universal constants. The construct is not flawed, the linguistics are. Quantum physics has not been proven, those attributes he speaks about being discovered in the 20's are not now the rule book, they are merely extensions, not a new way of thinking.

  12. Part II: According to a number of sources, the aliens of the 4-6th dimension travel at a maximum rate of Warp4, and while this far far exceeds anything we lowly humans have, we can imagine and will one day travel at Warp10, which is 10 times faster than they can. It is no wonder they would like to undermine us and assimilate us… soon. Guys like Sheehan, will hand us over to them on a silver platter.

  13. He did not mention the 9th, that already exists, that knows, and does not want to share, and will never even let the 8th start.

  14. @1seer I agree with that, and also we have to consider if we are actually under some type of hard core no disclosure, with Aliens helping in that agenda. Those of us viewing the vids on this UFO TV channel know that they exist. We also know that knowledge is being prevented from being official knowledge. We have to assume these Aliens are either being prevented from disclosure by certain "Star Trek" like tenants, or some treaties amongst themselves from say landing on the D.C lawn.

  15. Daniel Sheehan, like Ralph Nader, regardless of how either of them criticize the corporate and military influence on the US system of government, still believe in changing the system from within.

  16. @orionprime Wtf are you stupid ? The NWO is fully admitted by many high ups, social engineering is real and yes control is real. S'cuse me but do you live under a rock ?

  17. It hurts watching this video now that we are in 2011 under Obama, and seeing the distruction of John Edwards and the death of John Kennedy Jr.

  18. @gsuitter do you mean the Ron Paul who denies a woman's right to choose? The Ron Paul who believes in the "magic of the free market" that crashed the economy? The Ron Paul who believes that civil rights legislation of the sixties limited freedom? The Ron Paul who lives in a libertarian philosophy that has never ever worked, ever in the history of the world? You mean the Ron Paul who believes someone who doesn't have insurance and gets sick shouldn't be helped? FUCK RON PAUL!

  19. With the election of Obama, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Only the names. The national security state is here.

  20. Wow that was an hour of hurt on my ears. I want to know if you still feel the same now that Obama has been in office for so long now? I'm sorry but you were way off track and well we have lost so much due to Obama and we need to get all of those elite vultures out of Washington DC!

  21. Wow was he ever wrong. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are backed by the MIC, the corporations and bankers. Nothing is going to change under either of these political parties. This is why the Libertarian Party is the fastest-growing political third party. More and more people are realizing that this two party system of team blue and team red are failing us on every level. Check out Michael Tellinger 's videos and his Ubuntu society. Very interesting!

  22. 40% aren't going to watch this….
    40% will watch and be totally clueless….
    18% are going to fight about it….
    2% are going to get it and try to evolve….

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