Exotic Materials – AATIP Director (Pentagon UFO Program)

Luis Elizondo worked for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSDI) and headed AATIP (One of the Pentagon UFO Programs).

May 19, 2021 – Fox News
DoD UFO/UAP acknowledgment: https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2165713/statement-by-the-department-of-defense-on-the-release-of-historical-navy-videos/
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UAP in the UK Air Defence Region:
Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues:
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Electro-Magnetic Effects Cases (1945-1992)
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25 Comments on “Exotic Materials – AATIP Director (Pentagon UFO Program)”

  1. That’s twice Luis has admitted to the US having meta materials on Fox. I sincerely hope our material scientists take a serious look at these alloys

  2. Extra-Terrestrial civilisations live and reside under our planet, in our skies, oceans and outer space.
    We should start seeking out a way to communicate.
    Not using SETI though LOL.

  3. pentagon is in the corner? …. hard to say … what was the "statement" in Independence Day movie… "Two words Mr. President. Plausible deniability." ops .. "Two words US Citizen
    Plausible deniability."

  4. Elizando has been talking about this for years, but his current tone is a bit more aggressive than in yrs past. He’s really going the fear route right now

  5. 1. Jim Marrs was on top of this 30 years ago.
    2. Go ahead run for congress , then you'll get told what's what and what you're allowed to say. This is old news many people
    have been talking about. Many Military people , commander Robert Salas for one. 1967 Malmstrom AFB.

  6. Now yes they are real.
    But we have know idea what or who they are but because over millennia of human knowledge of the phenomena they have never been overtly aggressive.
    Decide for yourself based on the plentiful evidence available.

  7. Ok. So. If we can perceive 1D, 2D and are confined to our 3D space (height, length and depth) and completely impossible for us to perceive 4D and beyond… It is absolutely plausible that the higher dimensions, assuming entities were to exist in them could perceive 3D, just as we can perceive 2D. With that being said perhaps that is what we are becoming a witness to around the world. 4D (or above) ‘probes’ entering a 3D atmosphere. Perhaps explains as to why they move with impunity to our understandings of physics with no sonic booms and simply blinking in and out of space? But hey, just a theory.

  8. Honestly, even if they say "objects on video clips are real but we don't know what those are", The People can figure it out pretty much by themselves and take matters into their hands (response behaviour), at that point. They (common citizens) are witnessing them too (more and more) and it looks like the tendency isn't decreasing.

  9. I am biased. I like to think its all real and there are aliens. I think it is more likely than not. I think its more feasible that these are alien space craft than it is some government created craft that is hundreds of years more advanced than commercial technology where we dont even have the physics knowledge that supports how this would be possible much less the engineering.

    However, the more this dude talks and the pentagon and gov talks, it makes me wonder what their motive is. Is it a distraction from other stuff or are they setting us up from something. Why finally admit all this now and why is this former pentagon intel manager allowed to just talk so freely on all the media outlets, its odd, i think he has their approval or is still working with them.

  10. People have been killed for opening their mouths over the decades no one can deny that fact those people deserve the truth to come out

  11. well.the June 1st report is supposed to release tomorrow…
    let's see what the corrupt swamp has to say about this……

    if they don't other countries will speak out I'm sure ….

  12. I'd like to share my UAP story here you chaps don't mind.

    In 2010 about 11:30pm I left to meet up with someone, super dark sky, very peaceful. I leave my door and enter the parking lot, half way into the parking lot I get this odd feeling, sensation or as I seen it intuition like something or somebody was telling me " look behind you". back of neck stood up , I stop look back and up and low and behold I see a beautiful bright white orb about the size of a basketball. so bright I could barely make out the exact size. I get a good 2 second look at it before it zooms up vertically at incredible speed. zig zagged first then shot up. I could not believe what I saw, was shocked for days like wtf did I just see??

    I'm just guessing here but I think that thing shot up at maybe 1000-2000mph. I could see a slight trail but disappeared second later.

    imo I think we are surrounded by huge organisms and they are floating out in space and around our planet. like how we are surrounded by simple bacteria and organisms on earth, microorganisms. I think these are just bigger cosmic organisms that are just a bit smarter and can be transparent with unbelievable speeds. that's my take on itw

  13. I just watched a Russian documentary on UAP's & USO's and their military thought they were American craft. So I'm ruling out foreign countries on the UAP's.

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